22.2 Patch Notes

22.2 Patch Notes

Patch 22.2 brings big updates to Standard, Wild, Battlegrounds, Mercenaries, Duels, and more!

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Had hoper for a bigger hit on the pirate quest (3pirates for all steps atleast) or a cannoneer nerf or even a ban from wild.
Odd hunter looses its best card; apprentice got hit pretty hard and warrior is only barly touched.

I feel like rokara will still be underwhelming and weapon should have imune while attacking or reduced dmg when attacking (ala cariel) and/or the hero power should always give 2 armor but give 4 on a honorable kill (or make it just if kills and not honorable kill)

I know warrior is bad in standard, so i understand why quest (its only relevant deck and its still just tier 4at higher ranks/legend) but wouldve prefred it be hit harder and some more buffs to other warrior cards (preferbly control so warrior can play something else then pirates)

Scabbs is still a completly ridiclous card and wouldve prefered maestra interaction changed over gnoll, so youd have to use actual thief cards to run gnoll, and even buffed gnoll then if needed aslong wouldnt work with Maestra.


When will you fix Archwitch Willow and Ringmaster Whatley???
They’ve been bugged since their introduction to their game and I’ve reported it multiple times, fix this!!!

Please fix the mobile display during the mulligan. Currently there’s no way to tell what class you’re playing against.


Still no fix on the paladin hero card achievement?


Why does the new Mercs Building Cost Gold? Why did they ever cost gold? Why would anyone pay a couple hundred gold for level up Mercs when getting to 30 is easy and you still have to do tasks to make them useful anyway.

Also, you guys REALLY screwed up with this Dust mess and need to do something ASAP. People got 10k+ in dust that were able to use on cards and other people got nothing. Good job making a bad call on top of announcing the next patch tainting the good news cycle.


back my dust now!!!


Good changes :D. Super excited to test the Buddy System out for Battlegrounds.


I can’t be the only person annoyed that Wrathion is listed as a human. He is MOST certainly a dragon!


Wrathion (Epic Fighter)
Seriously, he’s a dragon


good to see a thick patch. a very good one even if i had different changes in mind

i was hoping to see something about fixing maestra so that she doesnt sometimes give you a rogue “disguise” especially now with the gnoll change

Dear Blizzard team!

Today’s news about the long-awaited patch became like a huge surprise for me, because there were so many breathtaking things and amazing innovations, which overjoyed me really much: :+1:

  1. Really want to try out new actual and topical heroes: :sparkles:
  • Powerful Horde heroes: Bru’kan and Drek’Thar…
  • Strong Alliance heroes: Vanndar Stormpike and Tavish Stormpike…
  1. I was dreaming about new actual and topical mercenaries and now all players have an amazing opportunity to get the most famous heroes from “Battle for Alterac Valley”… :dizzy:
  • Lokholar…
  • Sinestra…
  • Balinda Stonehearth…
  • Captain Galvangar…
  • Wrathion…
  1. Really want to start play battlegrounds and try out a special and specific system “Buddy Meter”… This thing is incredible, because we didn’t have a similar thing before!!! :stars:
  2. From this day I will try to earn more gold for a new building “Training Hall” and its upgrade… With impatience I will wait this day when the patch will launch!!! :milky_way:
  3. Really want to play duels and feel myself as a famous Horde or Alliance leader, playing with powerful Vanndar Stormpike or Drek’Thar!!! :fire:
  4. I really love celebrations and “The Lunar New Year” was an amazing surprise for me!!! Thank You for free card back - “The Dancing Lion”!!! This card back made very talented and artfully!!! This flashing eye enchants, when You look at it!!! This card back could be like a lucky talisman for players!!! :100:

Thank You for your brilliant work, for new innovations, for breathtaking ideas, for amazing illustrations in cards, for your attention to my posts, where I offer some ideas for my best game in the whole world!!! :globe_with_meridians:

Wish You a good luck in further work and many amazing ideas!!! :star2:


Y are a troll? ??? ??

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Hes has spell “True Form” and hes turning into Dragon

I guess they didn’t get the memo… Mercenaries is dead.

It’s a money sink because the grind it to long and the coins system is awful.

Coins should be

Rare coin for any common merc
Epic for any epic merc
Legendary for Any legendary merc

I’ve got maxed out mercs with over 800 coins that I can’t use.


Yeah. I was surprised to see this wasn’t in the list of fixed bugs.

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Why do you nerf Sorcerer’s Apprentice ?
Mage decks are mostly fun decks and other classes much stronger anyway. There was never a top meta mage deck ever in history of hs?
I only play mage and all my decks rely on this card. If this card is nerf the only option is quiting this game. I think i talk for all mage players. Not even a standard card.


Super class! Thank you, veru beautifull, really appreciate it! Can’t weit to play it! Wooohoo Hearthstone 2.0!

Huge fan of most of the updates! As someone who loves and primarily plays Duels, I’m thrilled it is finally getting some attention and quality updates. That being said, my biggest complaints are 1) Royal greatsword nerf was weak. The damage isn’t what breaks this treasure; it’s the effect. 2) Power word: void fiend was also a weak nerf. easily one of the best treasures in the game; I don’t believe that increasing mana by one will affect its impact. Lastly, where is our nerf to MIND TETHER!

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Mage is the king of “play with yourself” uninteractive garbage and the fact you play nothing but mage is a true testament to that statement. I for one will enjoy seeing less of you mage mains on ladder.