22.0.2 Patch Notes

Will you please stop tinkering and start nerfing? Do you actually think that these changes will have any effect on combo decks? Garrote rogue, lifesteal OTK dh, mozaki mage, anacondra druid and owltk warlock will be toned down by upping moarg, octobot and alignment by a single mana? Not to mention that your precious questlines remain untouched yet again. This is getting frustrating to say the least, thank you for nothing.


No buff for Rokara the valorous is ridiculous.

The rod change is barely going to matter for owl lock too. And handlock is still ridiculous no changes!? Deckhand 1 health again changes almost nothing. Mr. Smite, and cannoneer are both undercost. Hunter has to pay 9 mana for a legendary class card for 8 damage.

No changes for mozaki, and demon hunter OTK receives a light slap on the wrist with artificer change. If anything he recieved a net buff since 5 health is still quite difficult to deal with on a 3 mana card. The octobot change might very slightly matter but not much.

This light touch stuff that does nothing is really aggravating. Completely out of touch with the game.

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dont worry

warrior will be fine

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While I agree, these are minimal nerfs and Owl is still going to be very prevalent
Garrote Rogue has been dead since that nerf, you’ll see an occasional one here and there, but their damage fell off massively a while ago

Garrote rogue was one of the most picked decks in worlds.

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But it is true you don’t see it at low elo as much, I am at d5 and have one seen a few since nerf.

what do you mean man, garrote rogue was literally listed as the #1 deck by you and shaped the entire worlds meta, plus you literally said it is stronger than ever before, and now you act like it barely exists, what the hell??

On a side note, as a celestial druid player i am so mad. The 7 to 8 mana change is tremendous, coming 1 turn late is so huge, but especially vs aggro decks, now they’re pretty much unwinnable, at least before u had chance to overgrowth on 4, then on next turn alignment and drop some gnows and owls and the 8/8 dude who all cost 0 after alignment, now this is all over. Sure u won’t auto lose to troggs anymore but also now that all otk decks got nerfed and the aggro stuff will get played more like hunter ele shaman aggro druid etc. this deck lost a lot of power in the meta. and i finally found a deck that ic ould enjoy, it was so fun smashing all these otk decks even at the cost of pretty much autolosing vs aggro. i get that a change was needed due to the trogg nerf meaning a bad matchup for druid is now a decent one maybe even good one, but this nerf is SO huge, couldn’t u nerf ANYTHING else? guff to 6 would be fine, nature studies to 2 etc. why this? this feels like guardian animals all over again except that deck was also decent vs aggro. priest is now completely dead, warrior still only has 1 viable deck, warlock gets mega nerfs and now people will stop running vipers as much so it pretty much equals out while other otk decks get a slap in the wrist, mozaki is untouched, wtf is this patch???

and paladin just got slaughtered, they took a game-winning card (trogg) so big that entire decks were built around it and now it’s just a decent 1 drop but not much more, paladin winrate is gonna plummet now, idk what weed the devs smoke tbh


Why do y’all hate priest?

priest has been bottom tier for months since the Illucia nerf.

Its best deck gets killed with trogg, and priest receives no buffs. Meanwhile mage receives three buffs.

And hunter, which is doing pretty well, gets a big hero card buff.


First 3 games, quest locks. all lost.


have you ever played against a control priest? For most players, it’s a tedious experience

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Meh, as a paladin playing quest for the past week, and trying out the changes, I just think paladin can only win consistently with big minions.

Warlock, shaman, mage rogue, druid beats aggro EZ. Against Warrior aggro pal has a chance. Priest is also 50/50.

Not the meta for aggro decks. Gonna stop playing and hope the next set will have better balance. See you all in three-4 months :smiley:

I like priest. I understand that it can be (more than often) an unpleasant experience to play against it. But it’s true that they don’t give a sh*t about priest.
They consciously nuked Illucia, and gave nothing in return.
They said that control (they were talking about control IN GENERAL) should end the game with thing like Troublemaker or Rattlegore… both warrior tools, not any remotely comparable available for priest.
Miracle priest with Troggs was obnoxious, and I’m glad it’s gone, but they should and least TRY to buff the archetype that was introduced (big health minions). The fact that they are not even trying proves that they really hate priest.



Yes, instead of a 5-10 minute game it becomes a 20-30 minute one.

Now Irondeep Trogg is too weak for a rare card. 1/3 instead of 1/2 would be good.

We understand priest is kind of low tier and power wise we have no problem with them.

IT’S HOW LONG IT TAKES TO PLAY AGAINST ONE -_- Some games can literally go 40+ minutes and I seriously have better things to do than go to fatigue with a priest who just stalls and heals. It’s not fun. It wastes time. It is overall a terrible experience.

You wanted to know why we hate priests. Pick any of those.


Nerfing Trogg is Stupid, unless you have an agenda…

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When are you nerfing Pirate Warrior and Quest warlock then?

Now explain why shadow priest got absolutely nuked after being tier 1 for maybe 2 weeks.

They gave priest nothing but aggro cards, then erased the best card in the deck when it dared to actually be competitive.

Shadow priest games were very quick


If you think either of these Developer created decks are truly going to get nerfed your crazy. They have been printing and buffing pirates till it was strong enough…

Maybe in 2 years…