22.0.2 Patch Notes

22.0.2 Patch Notes

Patch 22.0.2 brings changes to Standard, Battlegrounds, and more!

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Great, thanks for doing this!

How long will Drek’thar and Vanndar be eligible for the refund? I have Plain Vanndar now—can I hold on to him until I get the gold one from the quest chain, then get the full refund?


What about Stormpike Marshal, Snowblind Harpy, Lokholar the Ice Lord, Herald of Lokholar, Grimtotem Bounty Hunter, Frostwolf Warmaster and Frantic Hippogryph being banned from arena?

Incredible patch notes. All the nerfs and buffs - spot on.

Good job!

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Great update! Really appreciate the Arena card ban (Abominable Lieutenant). Shows you guys are keeping an eye on that play mode too

Really appreciate the mage buff looks solid now the hero power dmg scales into hero power great news.

Still though, why not buff rokara hero card, seems weaker than mage even.


Love the nerfs and buffs but any wild changes? Would love to see some of the quest decks changed in wild. Not the best state wild is in right now.


I think these nerfs are lazy. Also, as a priest main, i can see that we are still ignored as a class. Ive been playing for 4 years and its been happening way too often. Because this patch kills our only hope of a good deck (Miracle priest with Trogg) and gives us… absolutely nothing. Thanks blizzard.


No nerfs to paladin? Guess it’s back to playing decks with no minions in them again.

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7 mana to deal 10 damage and upgrade your heropower isn’t bad.

It’s not a good card in the current pirate warrior, but as soon as a more control warrior will be viable, this card will be good

Has 2 nerfs, XD xdxd

Did you fix the bugged achievement?


1 HP nerf on deckhand? Wild Pirate Warrior is officially garbage!

Now I can finally go and play my Big Spell Mage in Wild


The Mercenaries change is likely to fly under the radar, but I’m glad it’s at least SOMETHING that provides an incentive to actually complete Heroic content.

I still have issues overall with Mercenaries, and this change–while a welcome one–is not enough to persuade me to continue playing the game. I really want to see Blizzard talk openly about their plans to solve the problem with packs. With so many of our mercenaries maxed, packs are no longer a feasible path to progression, and to me this reduces any incentive to play the game.

It’s one thing to provide us a way to guarantee legendary rewards, and its nice that we have a reason to complete Heroics; however, this doesn’t address the fatally enormous flaw with Mercenaries.


Found out today that I have a golden celestial alignment. Pretty happy about that nerf. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Oh and a golden alliance bannerman too. :+1:

Also a golden touch of the nathrezim :partying_face:

Went from 4.1k to 7.6k dust just now. :exploding_head:


Still not addressing the state of wild. How unsurprising & disappointing.
At least ban Raid the Docks & Defend the Dwarven District like you did the OP Seed.


Are they really not nerfing hunter? is this some kind of joke? it has been dominating wild since the ban to demon seed, always at the top and very popular. and now you are not only not nerfing it but also nerfing to the ground one of the few decks that can even have a chance to beat it (handbuff paladin). Now i am even more convinced that you dont even care for wild and what players want


I think it is to late

I’m glad with all the nerfs. Good job, but a lot of the achievements for Alterac Valley are still not working as intended. I would like to see those addresssed as well.