21.8 Patch Notes

21.8 Patch Notes

Prepare for Hearthstone’s Next Expansion: Fractured in Alterac Valley!

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Nice No Pirate Warrior Nerf… play 7 pirates = autowin


No mention of the removal of Golakka Glutton for Arena, a card that has no place in the game mode and forces you to skip good beasts in the draft for worse cards just because you don’t want to lose the game to it getting hit by Glutton. Extremely disappointed in what must’ve been a conscious decision considering numerous players have voiced their frustration with the card as a close second to the deeprun/goliath discover issue.


They’re still selling the Mini-set of Pirates, it’s ludicrous to think they’re going to nerf anything Pirate while that’s for sale. Also, Pirate is not a guaranteed win.


for reference, there is 87 beasts in the current rotation of sets in arena -a lot of them, mostly from explore un’goro - are of decent size (>4 mana up to some 8-10 mana ones).
Golakka Glutton is a common card.
extremely frustrating and unfun for both drafting and playing.

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the new paladin hero card is very strong. Cant wait to see the rest of the set.

I thought the patch was supposed to be out today. Looking forward to the new card, but when?

The announcement is today, full release is 12/7.

Yes, the announcement is today, but in the announcement it says in todays patch we get the our choice of a hero…so when will the patch be live? Usually it’s at 10am Pacific.

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They didn’t touch Pirate Warrior? Good grief.


And really no new nerf in mercenary for the acquisition of quest ?
Strange, since the MAJ i have more than half as quest in the same level…

You guys realize we still have mutanus. So if someone who has to play Rokara in the next turn. That card is instantly eaten by Mutanus or We still have Tickatus

I got my new choice of hero when I logged in two hours ago.

People keep asking this and I’m continually baffled that you think they’d nerf Pirate ANYTHING while the mini-set is for sale.

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They actually buffed Diablo …

With Horde vs. Alliance, the murloc in me wants the Horde legendary. The priest player in me … thinks the Alliance may be losing this battle. Can someone explain why anyone would want that Alliance legendary mentioned in the patch notes?

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i chose it to run it on rogue and DH decks

seems like a fun card on any deck able to decrease its mana cost

  • Deeprun Engineer is now banned in Arena.
    Thank you, finally! <3
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I kinda wish they do something about Grommash’s Glory of the Warsong Task (12) where using the deathblow ability is not counted.

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No fix for the fact Battleground stats are in conflict with achievements data?

Also, this armour thing sounds questionable. Why does it also have to be an rng based amount? Just give X amount to X character and accept the poor balance between hero powers.


That deathblow count only works when u kill an enemy when Grommash’s attack is higher or eq to its hp when it at its full health. For example, if an enemy’s full hp is 15 and current hp is 13, Grommash need to have an attack of 15 instead of 13 to make that deathblow count. But I do think it is a bug or at least it wording is bad.

RIP Kazakus in garrote Rouge, Guild trader pretty much essential now