21.3 Patch Notes

Crystalizer was played before there was Demon Seed. It creates headroom for healing and triggers other self-damage synergies. Warrior uses it sometimes for the armor too.


Not sure how people are missing frog went from +2/2 to +1/1. With the reborn change frog builds will not be as nearly dominate, considering how less impactful the bouncing will be without the full set up. Demons also basically will take a few turns longer to get online (doomsayer demons specifically) , giving other builds more time to get online. Hopefully pirates gaining one more pirate back and buffing existing ones will let them get online fast enough to contend. Still think it will be the weakest tribe but its better at least. Good overall bg changes.


The mage buffs will have no impact on standard. You just ruined a fun Even Mage deck on Wild.


Oh, baby! Time to play Tickatus again! Muhahahahahahhahahahahahahaaaaa!


Token druid can swarm the field by turn 5, plus give ability to draw cards, etc. It is either you draw AOE cards, or lose. Same with Aggro Shadow Priest.

Solitaire Quest mage player still do the usual things: solitaire and win on turn 7.

Garrote Rogue still do the usual things: Solitaire, and win by turn 7 or 8.

All Solitaire decks must not be able to pull off their combo below turn 9. Aggro power level should be toned down a bit. Mana reduction should not be too powerful in early game. That’s my opinion.


I have big doubts that this slight buffs will make Ping Mage a decent deck in current fast meta.
The nerf of frogs in Battlegrounds is still utter shіt. Should have removed this card altogether.

Doomsayer is still problematic. A good turn will generate 21 gold worth of cards rather than 30 and it’ll come into play just one turn later. It should be bumped to tier 6 since it is still stronger than Gentle Djinn

Leapfrogger just needs to be removed. Even at +1/+1 it is still better than any beast 5 drop or 6 drop. Moving the Macaw to tribeless would also greatly help the situation

Why don’t you test your cards before selling them? Illucia is now some kind od Madame Lazul and quite dead. I loved playing illucia or facing it.

Since so much warlock cards are nerfed, why flesh giants are not unnerfed? As it is now the class is dead for wild. It was already killed consistently by odd quest hunter.



Watching bluzzard after they coughed out a splew of mismatched trash is like watching some poor sap trying to put out fire with gasoline.

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It’s a shame that Blizzard is banning yet another card. Very disappointed in this move.

One thing is certain, people are going to be complaining about Tickatus in wild again.

How about you guys just Ban the entire expansion in Wild till it rotates out. I mean really extremely disappointed in Blizzards move.


I rarely see people play Shudderwock in Battlegrounds. Such a pointless nerf.


Wow crystallizer untouched - you guys are soooooo fired

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Good riddance, if there was any justice they wouldn’t even give you a full disenchant on the demon seed.


You clearly either played The Demon Seed exclusively, played Wild a bit but focused on Standart, or just doesn’t play Wild at all

as is the case with most people that complain about Wild nerfs it appears

NO ONE likes facing only one deck every single time they play the game, specially when they lose by a landslide


I am legit happy for you - All your posts are about Tickatus and I’m glad you get to play your favorite again :). I know how it feels when your favorite deck isn’t working in the meta!

In the hands of a capable player at high MMR, Shudderwock can abuse tokens generating minions like crazy and wind up with 2-3 T6 minions by turn 6 or 7. Nerfing the hero power to cost 2 mana effectively torpedoes this broken strategy as you can’t generate the Shudderlings while aggressively leveling anymore. Not to mention that when the power cost 0, you were netting one gold just from being able to sell the Shudderling that you paid nothing for.

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What’s wrong with you? Do you also enjoy being hit by a car?

Better eliminate the spriest and save yourself the trouble :+1:

It makes you think what you hold and how you optimize your hand. It’s a double sided sword. Except, shaddow priest, it’s really difficult to play illucia optimally.

The problem here is that blizzard instead of doing their job, is listening to vicious syndicate and streamers to learn how to fix their game. Maybe if they put effort into hearthstone instead of pushing mercenaries, which nobody asked for, they could better balance it and print more adjusted cards since day one.


Stop Ban cards at Wild, Wild is an all goes, not an all goes, but no this and this card… and all from Warlock.

You just nerfed The Demon Seed who lose a lot with the nerf, the 3 damage more makes it really weak to agro, but you directly ban it at wild without test, why?

To be honest i am playing hunter questline with baku and is even better than the warlock one, but you didnt even touch it.

And the druid questline just countered the two of them.

Just stop banning cards at wild, It’s the easy way of dealing with the problems YOU create, before test it well even in ST