21.3 Patch Notes

21.3 Patch Notes

Patch 21.3 brings updates to Standard, Wild, Battlegrounds, and more!

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Should’ve reverted Illucia to 2 mana


Love that you mention Illucias role to disrupt in the late game.

What late game? Turn 7?


Should have banned Hunter Questline in Wild too. Now Baku Questline will rule the ladder.


Standard and Wild Changes:


  • Irebound Brute: 7 → 8 mana
  • Mindrender Illucia: Now only replaces your hand with a copy of your opponent’s until end of turn. Instead of swapping hands and decks until your next turn.
  • Perpetual Flame: 1 → 2 mana
  • Command the Elements (Shaman Questline): Final step - Play 2 → Play 3 cards with Overload. Reward: Stormcaller Bru’kan.
  • The Demon Seed (Warlock Questline): Take 6/7/8 → Take 8/8/8 damage on your turns. BANNED in Wild.
    Runed Mithril Rod: 3 → 4 mana


Some exciting changes there. I’d think they should change even more cards, because some cards are still pretty dead, while Anchorman and Freebooter were already played somewhat.


instead of nerfing cards for wild… couldn’t you just revert it back to the way it was before the changes? I feel like wild is meant for that exact purpose. It’s not meant to be balanced but crazy and fun for both users. If there is a deck that is oppressing the format, that’s just the best deck. I think people who played wild wanted to play it the way it was originally…


Also, what disruption is there in copying the opponent’s hand?

Illucia is a lategame potential value card now, there’s no disruption left in that effect.


I don’t like nerf of Irebound Brute at all. DH doesn’t feels good after you nerfed Ilginoth, and now you make another nerf of quest-dh, before it even showed some good results. Pitty Illidan :frowning:

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All of the nerfs in this patch were targeted at Standard.

The only thing targeting Wild specifically was the ban of The Demon Seed.


I absolutely love the Ping Mage buff. I was so sad that one of my favourite decks saw no play because spell mage was extreamly dominating. I hope this buff nudges ping mage to mainstream.


Thanks for doing absolutely NOTHING to fix battlegrounds. Moving cards one tavern higher doesn’t change the fact that there are literally 2 end game builds. Seriously just fire the entire development team because you guys are absolutly clueless. Every single patch you remove more and more build variety. We have moved from 6-8 end game builds to 2 and yet there is twice as many minions in the card pool.

Why do you keep adding more and more heros? How about going back and balancing the 30+ heros that are completely unplayable? I really don’t even know why we keep doing this. I really just need to uninstall this soul crushing game.


Killed the warlock, practically excluded a class from the game, while quest mage will remain op and toxic. Ty Blizzard. Uninstalling the game.


I would like to know which odds for Master Nguyen’s Hero Power were changed?
Just the chancec reduced of getting good hero powers like George’s and Reno’s or also reducing the chance of completely useless ones?

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  • Turn lengths have been reverted to their pre-21.2 times (turns 3-9 have been reduced by 5 seconds after they were temporarily increased by 5 seconds in Patch 21.2).

This proves Blizzard neither plays Battlegrounds or reads the Forums. There’s 2000+ posts complaining about the lack of turn time on later rounds, and instead Blizzard reduces the turn time. It’s official, they are purposely trying to kill the game. Nobody is this Oblivious or ignorant.

Master Nguyen
Power of the Storm [Passive]
Adjusted the odds of hero power offerings (no text changes).

How about some transparency in your RNG weighting? We all know you rig the RNG weighting, would be nice if you told us how bad it was rigged so we can decide whether to play the hero or not.

  1. Warlock stuffs: thank God.
  2. Illucia: ah. Not happy about the flavor loss. Kinda liked hating the card. I understand the aggro issue though.
  3. Shaman: aw I liked this deck. Perpetual flame felt necessary, not sure about brukan though.
  4. Battlegrounds demons: thank GOD. I appreciate that the tier 4 bump to impatient doomsayer was complimented by the tier 3 drop for malganis junior. Get some board precense while limiting the consistency.
  5. Battlegrounds beasts. Tier 5 bump to reborn should reduce consistency. “Another friendly minion” Should reduce growth a bit…but it’s still an expontially growing function with golden macaw or baron.
  6. Battlegrounds quillboar: nice; hope these subtle changes can make them viable.

I dunno…moving impatient doomsayer to tier 4 and upping avenge seems like a pretty big deal to me…demons are busted specifically because of the consistency she brings. Getting her a turn later lets other builds…build more, before the value generation pays off.
And moving reborn to tier 5 is HUGE. that is a major dent to consistency for beast builds.

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I know many people are happy about the ban of seed in wild, but I crafted two crystalizers for the deck and crystalizers is useless outside of this deck, so I’ve essentially wasted 800 dust.

I think it sets a bad precedent, as it happens to be me wasting 800 non-refundable dust this time, but in future it could happen to any one of us too, if you so happen to craft cards for decks to climb based on what you opened (I was lucky enough to open seed in my packs).

Thank goodness I dusted dark glare and flesh golem during the nerf period and got back full dust. Am also stuck with molten giants, but I think those could be useful in other decks.


Por favor, coloquem conquistas concluídas para o topo da lista, é irritantes ter que procurá-las para clicar. E tirem aquele ótimo no final da run dos Duelos, substituam por voltar ou encerrar. Sou atropelado muitas vezes por decks infinitamente superiores ao meu e ainda tenho que dizer que está ótimo.

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Not really. It just delays the enviable by 1 turn. The card is so powerful that people are currently power leveling to Tavern 3 by Turn 4, even if it means selling every minion you have and just eating the damage. Delaying this another turn changes nothing. The Avenge 4 change probably won’t change much either. You can still consistently start every turn with 10 demons.

Completely wrong. Changing Reborn to Tavern 5 has no impact because Baron is on Tavern 5. Baron is essential to frog build, reborn isn’t. Putting Reborn on Tavern 5 just means Tavern 4 is now skippable when playing beasts. The better move would have been to tweak Zap to better kill Baron. Currently it’s way too easy to increase a Baron’s stats outside what Zap can kill

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Bloodsail Deckhand is now a 2/2 for one mana with a mana cost reduction on your next weapon of one, basically making this minion “free”.

Any player who play agro pirate seriously, no matter the format, will tell you this is now a must in every single pirate agro deck till the end of time of hearthstone… because that card is way too good for a single mana now.