21.2 Patch Notes

21.2 Patch Notes

Patch 21.2 introduces the first Battlegrounds-specific keyword, replaces 37 minions with new ones, and adds two new Heroes!

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Only increasing mana here and there is not enough to fix this.
You need to actually change the effects of mana cheat and immunity to fatigue.

There is no balance when you overlook all the mana cheating you have introduced the past few expansions.

It seems slightly lazy to me to simply up the mana by 2 and hope it changes things with minimum coding.


I wanted to play wild but blizzard refuses to nerf warlocks (:


Mana increase means nothing to a deck where mana costs rarely matter. This also does nothing for Wild.


Do we have a release time for patch?


yeah, I thought it would be out already for like 10 minutes.

Note: Stealer of Souls will remain banned in Wild alongside this change.
was it banned before?

It said in the patch notes that the update would happen tomorrow. Hopefully I’m wrong

yeah, that was yesterday. Now is tomorrow.

ok, it’s out now! Have fun you all :slight_smile:

Interesting to see the new main menu with “Battleground”, " Mercenaries", “Modes” and “Hearthstone”. Is everything else not Hearthstone?


I’m looking forward to post-patch wild podcast with the boys as these major changes will surely, %101, absolutely shake the meta to its very core, all will be satisfied, everything is going to get better and… yeah, no. Nothing is going to change, just joking. I’m still going to tune into the podcast, not because these will change anything in a meaningful direction to warrant a discussion about it.

I’m going to stop calling them incompetent from this point onward, knowing that they have absolutely zero interest in Wild as has been made clear to all by these changes; they are just tone-deaf and oblivious towards an entire group of their playerbase because the said players constitute less than half of the population.

Go, Battlegrounds, go. I’m happy for BG players, at the least.


As a wild player I wonder if they play their own game. It’s like they want us to all buy the warlock deck(cause wild is literally unplayable right now as any other class) and then change the quest so we all bought 10 cards for the deck and get 1 refunded.

Flesh giant is not even the main win condition. You could ban it from the game and the warlock deck would still reign.


YEP mana increase

doesnt fix the problem but YEP mana increase


Like I said before, when comes to nerf in hearthstone, they nerf the wrong things. Warlock got a slight nerf and it will continue to dominate.


E o erro do congelamento no APP?

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Pretty disappointing Warlock nerfs!

But at least I can have fun in Battlegrounds!


If only there was a way to play wild in casual :frowning:

As a, now former, Wild player, I must say that it’s pretty arrogant to first spit in our faces with this joke of a nerf, and then expect us to spend money on Mercenaries. I mean, Stealer of Souls has not been a Wild card for a long time!


Do we have an ETA for the battlegrounds update to land on the app? It’s so frustrating having the app update behind.

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