21.2 Patch Notes

Either the Welpsmuggler in BG doesn’t work as intended or he has the wrong text

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Guess I still won’t be playing wild or standard anytime soon


These changes did nothing other than shift all warlock play to the more powerful handlock version. Standard play is still a complete farce right now.


Is anyone else having issues with the Android app after patch release?

I open the app, it prompts me to update, I agree, it downloads, then it goes back to prompting for an update, I agree again, and then it just says “Closed - Please restart the application”, which just starts the process over again.

Rebooting/clearing cache/reinstalling app completely doesn’t help, and it works just fine on PC.


yes exactly the same problem since the ‘update’. I deleted and reinstalled and then it asked me to sign in and then gets stuck on the home screen loading! No word from blizzard yet about it. Usually you can still play if the update isnt available to IOS but this time it has completely stopped working. Hoping for a fix soon

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so they fixed the mechathun blade combo…

that was one of the best decks ever. it still wasnt too good, or any more powerful than any other otk deck…

Update: I’m no longer stuck in an update loop, but now it times out when requesting the server. So the devs are doing something, but it’s not working yet.

Braindead nerf ever, go nerf the questline warlock IDIOTS


Hab genau das gleiche Problem aufm Handy. Aber naja typisch Blizzard immer dann wenn man unterwegs ist kommt update oder so ein Problem.

Completely pointless nerfs - especially if you play Wild.

Remove the immunity to fatigue which is the most broken element as even if you manage to survive after turn 6 onwards you get killed by transferred fatigue. Utter joke.

I’d also suggest making the end of questline minions cost 7 too.

Currently it’s just a battle of who gets the better hand and deck draws.


Happens to every big update on Android, at least recently. Give them a week or two and it’ll eventually get fixed.

Mana increase is the lazy way of nerfing things, and useless in the case of minions like SoS because it’s the INTERACTIONS that SoS enables that are the issue. 0 mana, draw 3 cards is unaffected as are the other mechanics that warlocks abuse with SoS. Warlock will still be as obnoxious as it was pre-SOS nerf shrugs.

Happy to see Battlegrounds 2.0. Finally out of beta! :partying_face: The shake up is great, lots of new cards and combos to learn. I appreciate some thought and development is going into BGs. As for first impressions, I’m a little concerned about beasts being OP with Goldren having the chance to be given perma Reborn. Not sure yet how to counter a Reborn Golden Goldren paired with a Golden Barron et al.

It’s obvious the devs have taken on board players concern with the damage problem, and introduced a damage cap system.

Sorry to see Darkmoon Prizes taken out, hopefully they’ll return again.

As for the new main menu, I’m very pleased to be able to go straight to BGs. Saved me all those wasted moments.

I never played Arena or Duels, but if I hadn’t read the patch notes I wouldn’t know those game modes exist past this patch. There’s supposed to be a Game Modes menu option, but on my phone there’s only HearthStone, Battlegrounds, Mercenaries (greyed out for now), and Solo Adventures. None of those options takes me to Arena or Duels. It’s not important to me, but I’m sure others will have a problem not accessing their preferred game mode.

Overall, I’m excited to see Battlegrounds emerge from beta. It’s about time, right!

So far from the several games I’ve played it seems like the games are a lot shorter and often you can’t go to tier 5 w/o dying. Most games seem to end on T4 with dragons and demons dominating if the highroll.

So I’ve found a broken combo that for one makes the combat take so long you almost have no next turn and 2 is insane

Multiple Macaws, impulsive trickster X2, baron
I was C’thun and it legitimately got to the point where my minions were getting over 10k health multiple times in the same turn.

Rest In Peace to all the good minions that Hearthstone removed in battlegrounds

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Damn, another extra 5 seconds in the early turns. One of the reasons I do not play the game a lot is because it takes a long time between the early turns which anyway there are not many decisions to make and also there is nothing to do while waiting. I hope they will put out a mod in the future where the times between the early turns will be shorter, it’s also more fun, more adrenaline to think a little faster

ok fine… why this button from brawl have to be changed(after 2? years of battlegrounds in beta and by moving it to the main menu u guys actually say that this game mode is main one… which of course isnt and never be) after soo many years with what exactly that brawl button trouble/hurt you hmm?.. i wanna get a real and normal answer because its too amazing for to understand that… also why only daily quest u can do with friend if u add weekly quests to the game make them aswell doable with friends its still a quest what is soo big deal preventing you of doing that? is it that hard to switch?..

More trolling deck, i love it.

cannot dust the Flesh Giant for full dust value, and it’s been only 1 week since the nerf