21.0.3 Patch Notes

tamsin still deals fatigue damage to opponent, this is broken beyond belief and any deck trying to go past turn 6 is doomed in wild…

do hearthstone devs even play their own game?


I was kind of expecting crystallizer to get hit. Dark glare will make a difference though I guess.


Battlemaster nerf not enough really.

Needs to either go up to 8 mana, or be “give a minion windfury, it can’t attack heroes this turn” ← with that it can be even 4 mana, with 4/4 stats, or even less mana (and less stats).


Some of the changes appear good but I really don’t think the devs are capable of seeing the fundamental problems they have created, thus zero chance of ever getting things back on track.

Outside of a naturally occuring zero mana card, no amount of reduction should allow for anything below 1. Even with this change problems will persist because of the lack of vision on behalf of the development team. They have truly wrecked hearthstone fundamentally.


Al fin hace 3 meses que espero el nerf del cazador, sigo pensando que sacarle ataque al Rino también hubiera sido bueno. ¿Por qué no se buffean cartas que nunca tiene juego? ¿Por la arena? o para que sean relleno de sobres?


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Raising the cost of Flows from 2 to 3 does nothing to fix the issue. As usual, Blizzard fails at understanding exactly what is wrong with their cards. A 1 mana cost bump for most of these cards really doesn’t reduce their playability any. Darkglare is useful because it can be dropped and be used as a combo with other cards to magnify the effect. Warlock having to wait one more turn to do that won’t change anything. If anything, the wrong minion got nerfed, should’ve been Stealer of Souls. Ilgy’s 2 mana cost bump may seem to be a death knell to the card, but tbh, when do you ever see DH play it without some sort of mana reduction on it anyways? They’ll still be able to atk, they just have to wait a bit longer ;). I don’t see these nerfs having much of an effect overall on the current standard meta. So you die one round later…big deal lol.

Everything nerfed down a bit except for warlock having armor still count for damage towards quest. Quest Hunter didn’t get a good hit still imo. Disappointed a bit.

they were aiming to nerf the combo with conviction and keep the card playable…


why do you think a nerf should always make a card unplayable ?

Stealer of souls still needs to be hit that or make warlock quest either copy damage not redirect it, or make fatigue damage not count, I personally prefer the copy since sharing pain is more a warlock theme.


Druid, Rogue, Warrior standing in the corner hoping no one will know they are there while they eat their pop corn

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Piensan que tiene que ver cartas de relleno y cartas inutiles al parecer

I have been saying that for years. It honestly looks like they just it out there in the room and see if they like how it looks then release it.

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Where is auctionners nerf/rework ?
Druid, rogue and mage are drawign their entire deck isnt a good interaction/combo, its almost an exploit.


The card discounts will need to be significant for it to work. Most times if you complete the DH quest you’ve already gone through more than half your deck. Which means you’re more likely to have illgynoth in hand already.

Also if you have illgynoth too early, without discounts you might as well concede (unless you have glide in your deck).

Illgynoth fans need to put more life steal cards in their deck now. You’re going to have to wait a bit to do the otk. This significantly hurts the deck.

i think they can go with the quest like: they can only deal fatigue to the opp once per turn, its mean the backfire or sth like that needs more calculate on.

oh great they ruined the least competitive deck ( OTKDH). Yeah sure top 100 players might dominate with OTK DH but the majority playing it below diamond are playing because its fun to play when you can successfully pull it off. Its probably the hardest deck to play too. Ilganoth is completely ruined now and so is DH. Another great DH card ruined by a bad nerf.

Darkglare Nerf BARELY affects quest warlock. Flesh giant wasnt even used in Quest warlock if anything that hurts priest.

they didn’t hit warlock hard enough, Post nerf still T1 untouchable and un interactive

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Questline warlock does well in wild and Stealer of Souls is a banned card in that format (have no idea what Blizzard will do with it when it becomes a wild only card)

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Flesh giant mana increase from 8 to 9 makes no difference because most times Warlock has damaged over that to make it free.

Darkglare is actually a buff because if yoir smart you don’t play him until turn 4 / 5 so you can build up combo. Health increase makes it harder to remove.

Incanters flow isn’t a nerf at all. Mages spend an extra 1 mana to get 29 mana worth of discounts. Plus spell discounts isn’t the issue the problem is their card draw.

Demon Hunter nerf was massive and it was required as it was worse than mages when it comes to solitaire decks