21.0.3 Patch Notes

21.0.3 Patch Notes

Patch 21.0.3 brings updates to Standard and Battlegrounds.

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Warlock quest dodged nerfs COMPLETELY? wild is forever doomed…


Flesh giant mana cost +1 is meh… It does not affect it all. Especially in wild. Sadge


Personal thoughts?
I am upset at the Il’ginoth nerf personally. I felt like there was a better way to address the Lifesteal OTK, but without killing the cards.
The Hunter, Mage and Paladin nerfs are pretty cool! It shifts their power back to where it’s supposed to be and solves a lot of issues we had during the Barrens and Stormwind.
Warlock…I feel like it could’ve been better, but I’m glad that the Quest didn’t get nerfed. The Flesh Giant nerf won’t solve anything personally, but Darkglare needed to be addressed.
Neutral and Shaman I think are impactful, although I’ve never had issues with either so IDK what to say lol

Battlegrounds stuff looks super cool even though I kinda avoid it. Shudderwolk in particular looks amazing, and I’m excited to see what comes next!

Final thoughts? I think they hit some wrong cards, but I believe that the meta will be healthier overall! Thank you team 5!

1 edit: They fixed the Book of Heroes bug so now we can get a gold Standard Pack! That’s exciting!


Flesh Giant and Darkglare both had their cost increased, which is an indirect nerf to the quest both in standard and wild. Is it enough? Time will tell.


E o mobile quando vai resolver o problema de desconexão e bug visuais? E o feitiço de Mage épico? Oq precisa levar nerf a blizzard não nerfa

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surprised stealer of souls didn’t get hit…they are probably waiting to see how this works out first i guess? not all lists run darkglare or flesh giant either

Oh, nice. Ill’ginoth is dead now.


Cool nerfs overall, but consider looking into Wild in the future. Any deck archetype that isn’t a deck that plays to win after turn 6 is kind of doomed by the Warlock Questline.


The SOS versions haven’t shown themselves to be powerful enough to warrant nerfs.

Seedlock is still gonna be destroying wild as the only T1 deck, nice job blizz!


So these changes do nothing for Standard meta…

If anything Mage/Lock got better since their best counters got destroyed by nerfs.

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Mage and DH on the floor, ref is counting.

Paladin and Hunter got some heavy hits but they’re still standing.

Shaman nerf is a slap on the wrist.

Warlock laughs in S tier.


I still do not understand why the warlock quest includes fatigue damage. It would be a much more interesting deck if it wasnt only about milling yourself. Sacrificing your own cards should never be a win condition if you are immune to fatigue.
It still seems to me like breaking a very fundamental mechanic of the game.


I am glad Blizzard finally did some balance patches, but they’ve completely missed the mark on almost everything.



Theyre uh, not gonna make mobile actually playable? Currently crashes every single game if it doesnt during slot machine- been going on since UIS release


Fix bugs in games from cell phones. It is impossible to play two games in a row without freezing the screen or losing the connection …

  • Fixed a bug where Seek Guidance (the Priest questline) would sometimes count the original Cost of cards, instead of the Cost actually paid for the card.

YES !i was waiting for this !


Not even close to enough on Mage. This should be a 6 mana card, or only effect cards in your hand at 3 mana. All this did was move the inevitable win for quest mage from turn 7 to turn 8. They need to add “cannot reduce the cost of the card below 1”. This would be the best option, as they have insane card draw, insane mana reduction and insane control. Why even bother giving mages mana, they do not need it at all past turn 5.


Still non-interactive. Still infinite value. Still not fun.