20.8.2 Patch Notes

20.8.2 Patch Notes

The 20.8.2. balance patch includes 1 change for Druid and 2 changes for Priest in Standard.

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The balance changes seem reasonable.


Thank the lord. " Priest’s identity looks different in future expansions, we wanted to take this opportunity to reign in their card generation and build a better match experience for both players." Very glad for this line.


I was hoping the card that reduces card costs on spell cast would be nerfed because without that theses changes will still ok I guess but priest will still be super strong along with paladin and druid

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Imagine nerfing every good 1 mana spell because of wandmaker :joy:

Glad to see that gibberling was nerfed, even if I would have also changed (or better, not released at all) lightning bloom


Palm Reading is a shadow spell. And from the looks of the revealed cards Blizzard wants to push a shadow priest deck next expansion.
As they said the nerfs prepair priest for oncoming cards and that probably is the reason it didn’t get hit :^)

I hope priest gets some love in United in Stormwind, 'cause u just killed the class.


Well, good job. Killing one class, nerfing one other card and ignoring all the rest of the problematic cards.


Well, it’s all aggro Shaman and face hunters till the expansion then.


I like these nerfs. Early game gibberling swings felt really bad to play against, and so did Apotheosis into Samuro.

Seems like Priest mains are going to be salty, but I’m guessing they get some cool shadow Priest love in the next expansion.

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Hey everyone, there must be a bug that I can’t see the shaman and face hunter nerfs. Can anyone tell me what they are?


Oh man. They didn’t touch Doomhammer, welcome to aggro shamanstone.


Doesnt seem like they have any love for him. “Pure” (shadow spells only) to change hero power to shadowform - worth 2 mana to limit your deckbuilding. Expensive spell to buff…

It looks like same old - no win condition, only weird cards to fill the deck without any win condition or purpose.


We were told last week that there would be 3 cards nerfed, that the classes targeted would be Priest and Druid and that Priest would be hit on burst heal + card generation while Druid would lose some of the “non-games”.

Expecting a Doomhammer nerf from that is quite silly.


Massive burst healing and infinite generation in priest was a problem that should have been addressed, but these nerfs hit harder than they should as the spells seem overcosted now. I’m disappointed that they didn’t give it the First day of school treatment by reducing Apotheosis’ cost to 2 mana and increasing Renew’s healing to 4.


you guys are killing wild aggro drood over and over :sob:

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Disappointed veilweaver hasn’t been changed. Awful card.

Shaman continue absurdly loud …


It’s terrible prist nerf. I hate it. Face decks kill everything, oh, good idea! Nerf PRISTS


Reducing Shaman weapon enhancement would have been good.

If BLZ went bold and made agressive nerfs with the promise of reverting them if they didnt work…
would deflect critisism

Shaman remains strong as there were several complaints 2 months ago about Shaman was dead.

Well Rogue is dead, start the hoopla