20.4 Patch Notes

Bring back N’zoth hero portrait


I was hoping to see a fix for golden cards in arena. Golden cards from the core set don’t appear golden when you play while golden cards from other sets are still golden. However, the rest of the patch seems nice. I’m glad to see that many heroes will be purchasable simultaneously.

These are great changes. They are listening to player feedback and rolling back the annoying FOMO aspects of the cosmetic shop. The solo adventures are fun, glad we’re seeing 3 of them this month. And a Duels update too? Thanks Blizz.


There is no playing around it that’s the problem. I have had even a coin turn into a ritual of doom twice and lose me the game. Every mana cost has cards that can almost instantaneously cause you a loss

June 3 still no update???

What device are you using? Mobile updates later than the rest.

I love the classic hs logo, there was no need for changing it in ios. I hope they go back to the original logo

Nice now I can finally quit this game! the exclusivity of card backs was the only thing keeping me here. GL all!


Really hoping they didn’t just make the beta test card back buyable.

Please add Elise to the portraits available for gold purchase.

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Yay, I’m glad to see that battleground damage hasn’t been addressed. I can’t wait to take 40 damage on turn 10 again!

Yeah… what was the point of earn those card backs back then if now everyone can have it? Stupid. Just stupid. But im afraid that this “gold exchange” system is to keep us spending gold in other things than cards, because money comes from cards. I used to buying the big packs that comes with the new expansions, and I did it for a long time because i love this game and i was grateful for all the fun this game have gave me. But I stopped because with the new system of progress and rewarding, I make a lot of gold, enough to exchange for 80+ packs for the next expansions. And that is probably a problem, because im sure i am not the only one. But Blizzard, you screwed up with this. Card backs was the only thing that old players had exclusively. Create new things to buy with gold (e.g. gold coins, tavern pass, alternative new card backs, … idk) but leave those old card backs (or whatever that was exclusively for one time in the past).


No. People who went on vacation or just didnt have time to play should still be able to earn cardbacks. Having them be so limited was always a terrible design choice. You arent special. Having a card back because you had more free time doesn’t make you special.


Are you going through phase?

Your wish has come true.

So many wording changes and we still got this: _https://i.imgur.com/RmZpmhy.png

GJ Blizzard!

Edit: can we please finally have “Not In This Game” added to hero selection screen as well?
Deducing 3 out of 8 tribes is stupid.


Didn’t mention that they changed the minimal sysyem requirements for mobile effectively denying access to a large portion of the free to play community that comes from impoverished places around the world. Players who used older devices can no longer access the game despite virtually no changes being made to justify this happening. Amazon appstore’s android system requirements went from minimum 6.0 to 7.0. Same with google play store. Yet Blizzard’s website clearly states that they support 6.0… whoops tho, forgot to change that.

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It is all ok while they don’t touch the first couple of card backs. I mean, if you went on vacations, good for you. I didn’t. If a matter of choices. Obviously is better to go on vacations or whatever. Not everyone can go on a trip or travel wherever they want, or simple don’t want to. So, if you choose to play in that time and get the card back, cool. If you choose to do something else and miss that card back… well, sorry but you can’t have it all. And get a card back isn’t a difficult task anyway. You can do it in just one play time. The main thing is if Blizzard (aka Activision) start to put on sale all card backs from the past, it would suck for older players. Is like to put on sale something that was originally limited. What’s the point? Now, it would be ok if they choose from now on that the new card backs could be obtained with gold as an alternative. So the ones that, like you said, are on vacations or doesn’t have time to play, could then spend their gold on that.

it’s awesome blizzard gave us a chance to get some heroes/cardbacks we missed earlier

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Can you guys PLEASE rotate Galakrond back in already or remove the achievement? My OCD is killing me and it’s been long enough.