20.2.2 Patch Notes

Oof, that Hysteria nerf will hurt Warlocks a lot.

Not sure what i think about the Mage nerf, should be 4 mana gain 1 mana per spell and Runed Orb should only target minions.

N’zoth should give all minions he resurrect rush or something, might be too powerful but he is way too weak now.

Overall i think the nerfs/buffs are good but it wont really change much.


RIP Caravans
And Paladin is still OP…


nooooooooooo! this kills my clown priest deck!!! ive been using nzoth to corrupt my clowns !!!


this was the worst possible way to buff something.
Also, did he really need a buff?
I mean, there are legendaries that are far worse than Nzoth; Nzoth will be good when there will be a deck with good menagerie minions, so they can always release a new “tribed” minion to buff it.

In taunt druid for example, it got better simply because of the “quillboar” tag on the new legendary


nothing to fix the broken duels rally / consistent passives meta? disappointing…


Yeah, the thing about N’Zoth is he’s supposed to have the same statline as the other version and a similar effect (also a 10-mana 5/7 that had an effect to res a whole board), but this makes it different. The best way to actually buff it would maybe be giving a boardwide buff (rush/taunt) after summoning to let it get more of an immediate impact. Kinda sucks…


Good nerfs (but insufficient), terrible buffs. Give my N’Zoth Clown Druid back!


Agree. While the changes are in the right direction, am disappointed that none of the least played legendaries like Plaguemaw got any love and will continue to see hardly any play.

Actually I have no idea why they see a need to “buff” this. There has been no feedback from the community whatsoever on this card.


I like the buff, it is a buff to: Deathrattle DH, Corrupt Priest, Elemental Shaman and Shaman in general, Deck of chaos Warlock, Zoo Warlock, Frenzi Warrior, Control Warrior and N’ztoh in general. All of them fun and nice Archetypes.

On the otherside I think it is not enoguh nerf to Paladin. Conviction needed a little nerf too. I dont know, hope the meta gets more varied

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Let’s spam that we want caravan buffs

Other than that I think the buffs and nerfs are fine. Some I have no idea why and what they’d change, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Makes me wonder if Blizzard does any kind of testing with Battleground when they release new minion types, OP for two weeks then nerf everything and see if that works

yes, caravan buffs, please, make them either end of turn or +1 health or maybe even extra health but they can’t attack, give them SOMETHING


As a shaman player, the changes are worse than buffing the stats for a couple elementals. You made control shaman much harder by taking away wrath of air totem, then you made aggro shaman impossible by taking away basic tools like flametounge and bloodlust. I notice Mage still has Fireball

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Tick is garbage but with Incanters Flow not being nerfed then the nerf on spring water is kinda useless… mage will still see a lot of play unfortunately. I think the hearthstone team has done a bad job on the nerfs and some really random buffs in my opinion.


This patch really changes almost nothing. Only crabrider (and hysteria maybe) nerfs is decent for the ladder. I remember, someone of blizzard stuff told like “It’ll be very interesting to see shaman after patch”. But shaman still unplayable at all, as i can forsee.


Soooo, any info of when the 3/1 rush murloc Will have it’s text fixed to “rush” in Portuguese language? It’s text right now is “Charge”

Paladin was top tier last expansion, and now still is top in this one. I’ve quit playing since they won’t let other classes to the top. Every expansion should let a new class in.

Paladin sucks and I’ve been sick of it since last year. Refuse to play until they are killed off. hashtag #paladin HATE!


Rush warrior uses full managerie to enable rignmaster draw but doesn’t run n’zoth. maybe it will now

except they dont actually leave… probably posting on their pc while playing mobile now