20.2.2 Patch Notes

20.2.2 Patch Notes

The 20.2.2 patch includes balance updates to Standard and Battlegrounds!

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The Crabrider nerf kind of works actually! That keeps it efficient for Rush, but allows it to not synergize with buffs so well. Quilboars probably needed more nerfs though… still, this works pretty well for a start!


I dont think this is a big enough nerf to quilboar in battlegrounds to stop them but we will see.


Yay… Finally…

So no buffs or nerfs to ladder.

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There will always be people unhappy but i’m really satisfied with these changes, keep listening to the community!


Glad to see that elemental shaman was unplayable and now… it is still unplayable!


So, nothing changes really
Paladins gaining more value with First Day of School and mages only waiting 1 more turn for Refreshing Spring Water
Gj on nerfing almost nothing


You are beta-tester? Why are you so sure about this is changes nothing?


I only play battlegrounds but love the changes! This is a decent nerf to quillboars but not a complete destruction of the build. Less attack early on is not a big deal and late game the +2 to Groundshaker is not a huge deal. Should bring them even with other builds like murlocs, pirates, demons and dragons.


Thanks for the update
I’m really happy with the direction the game is taking
And I hope you continue like this


How are there no buffs to Druid for standard? Blizzard releases new taunt support legendaries and other cards, but the build is still too slow and unable to keep up with the ridiculous amount of efficient minion/entire-board clears.


Lol they call this adjusting quillboars? Sorry but this was lip service at its finest, blizzard sucks and always will now. Man I remember when this company actually cared about their players not just their wallets.

Surprised by the nature of the crabrider nerf. I think this will make it so the non-buff decks which rely on it to answer opponent boards can still use it as an effective counter/answer. Good work. Not so thrilled about the FDoS nerf because I think it will likely kill the card in the current paladin archetypes. I say this as a critic of those decks. Even still, I don’t think it was a bad nerf since the card was printed when paladin had no good one drops, and now it does.


Hammer of the Naaru needed a small nerf

Also something in the Ticketus deck needed changing so it’s not the only Warlock deck (that is also very boring)

On reflection I’m not sure I understand what the point in these changes are? There are no new viable decks and the most dominant ones aren’t changing that much if at all… Isn’t that just a huge waste of your guys time?

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this patch is a joke, paladin still a king of standart, maybe just priest can play corrupt now. So meta will be the same. Where is so announced spicy things ?


This dev team is just so out of touch


No Ticketus and flow nerfs??? Are they out of their minds, do they want people to play this game or purposely try to loose audience… waited for this patch to be able to play again for once, but no… oh well, lets wait another year until ticketus is gone naturally… good job blizzard good job


Inb4 people complaining about no nerfs to Tick and claiming they quit the game to come back the next day.


As a mage main, I was wishing mage got nerfed into the ground. Also Paladin didn’t really get nerfed all that much. Really wish there was a note: “Fixed bug that Oh My Yogg causes spell to vanish” too many times I’ve had instances where 5 mana siphon soul just gets straight countered with no effect from a 1 mana secret