2021 Add a Friend Thread

Still need more friends to get those quests done? Add your ID to this thread along with what servers you play on. :sunglasses:


Servers: NA/EU/Asia

Experience: Casual F2P (Arena player)



Servers: EU/Asia

Experience: I have played Hearthstone off and on since season 1. In Standard, I hit Diamond (Rank 2) this season on my main account , but I have no plans to grind to Legend.

I like to play Arena, and I occasionally get 12 wins in a run. I mostly play Arena with my F2P collections on Europe and Asia.

Two years ago, I switched from playing Hearthstone on the PC to playing on the mobile app, so I am not ver chatty in game anymore, because I type so slowly on the phone.

New mobile players, who have at least 20 or more friends, should consider downloading the Blizzard Battle.net App to take advantage of the “suggested friends” feature to help with adding more friends.

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Add me


Please …EVERYONE ADD ME :slight_smile:

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Server: Americas (I’m from Quebec, so French is my main language, but I’m fully bilingual in English)

Experience: Very casual player, but consistent participation. I’ve been playing since late beta. I usually log on every 1-2 days to do quests or just feel how a deck plays by playing against the Innkeeper. I don’t really like Battlegrounds, and only play that mode when I have a quest for it. On the other hand, I love Tavern Brawls, especially those where you have a prebuilt or random deck (co-op brawls are my absolute favourites).

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I used to play battle ground and also a newbie. My current rank is around 3.7k.

Please add me as friend.

NA Server

Casual player

NA Server

Just a returning noob looking for friends and advice on crafting…



I’ve been playing since first season. I’m 27 and live in America.

Casual player

Battletag: Mangekou#2734

Region: (EU)
Usual Play Times: all the time
Level of Experience: Old school Veteran. Played since beta and reached legend numerous times.
Preferred Heroes: Warlock, Warrior, Priest , Rogue even though all other ones as well.
I’m Looking For: friends and people to chat with.
Tell us something about you: Was hardcore WoW player in the past since beta but not anymore. In hearthstone I almost exclusively play wild.

Battletag: Goublon#1731
Region: (EU)
Usual Play Times: all the time/mostly battlegrounds
Level of Experience: Old school Veteran. Played since beta and reached legend numerous times.
Preferred Heroes: Uther,Malfurion,Jaina

Battle Tag: Zajo#11777

Region: NA

Usual Play Times: 7p-11p or 12a-2a EST.

Level of Experience: Have played on and off since beta. Finally playing hard for the first time with Forged in the Barrens. Im at Gold 1 right now and trying to see how high I can go before the season ends.

Preferred Heroes: Medivh, Magni, Lady Liandrin

Hi all,
I have played on and off for a while looking for friends for quests and friendly deck tryouts. Hope to hear from you.

Battle Tag: BattlePants#1184638

Region: Americas

I enjoy playing Hearthstone and I’m F2P, do daily tasks and except Arena I play all game modes frequently. Looking forward to have some friends.

Battle tag: MAK#22994
Servers: EU


experience: standard player sine April 2021
Older gamer- 51

Hello everyone! i just started playing after a bit of a break after i hit legend the first time. but i’m back hunting for legend again! i enjoy having okaying watch me play through spectate and sort of play with me. and vice versa. I’m on NA play quite a bit my name is Tomari#11594

Hello everyone! #1927

BattleTag: Time#15780
Server: NA
I’ve been playing for a while. I’m an active daily player. I’m happy to be friend with anyone. Let’s connect and play together!

BattleTag: DukeJoker#3302
Region i am playing on is america
Server connected on blizzard is asia
A returning player that just created this new account to play all is welcome to add and lets have fun together and chat together

Server: NA

Experience: I have been playing a very long time.

I like Mercenaries , Tavern Brawl, Duels, Battlegrounds.
Not a fan of arena nor solo quest.


EU server
Mainly been paying mercenaries and battlegrounds