19.4.1 Patch Notes

19.4.1 Patch Notes

The 19.4.1 balance update includes a change for Hysteria, adjustments for Duels, and several bug fixes.

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I really dislike this tiller fix. It removes lots of fun options. For example: apotheosis and hysteria on your own minion. This is not me saying “tiller didn’t need to be fixed.”


Are they fixing the issue with iPad Air 2 being able to connect to the game


This is the absolute laziest nerf they could have ever done. It completely kills hysteria! One of the best ways to use the card was play apotheosis and get huge healing. This proves that the balance team are absolute knobs


These duel changes suck.

DH is finally nerfed, but you have to ask if 1 mana is enough. Maybe it should’ve remained free with being a max of 2 attack a turn.

Hunter Deathrattle nerf won’t do much. You’ll still get to dump the big minions as early game you only want nerubian eggs and snake handlers on the board to get those huge minions. This just nerfs the deck when you start getting wide with too many deathrattles. Even then, you only want good deathrattles in your deck, thus the board. At least the rabbit is nerfed, but even then, it’s always been a last ditch card to fill the board with deathrattles.

It’s cute that Discard Warlock, the most broken and OP deck, remains untouched.

Mage’s mana wyrm power remains untouched, which makes any hero power featuring 1 health minions unplayable.

Most the buffs won’t do much. Priest is hard to get a win condition with, and paladin is still slow as balls along with 2 out of the 3 hero powers having 1 health minions for mage to gobble up. The 3/3 minion hero power is useless and unplayable.


i’m pretty sure if you could apotheosis and hysteria your own minion and get more than 2 attacks off then you were already going to win (which is about the number of attacks into your lifesteal creature you can expect with this change)

and even if that wasn’t the case a 2 card 6 mana combo should not wipe your opponent’s board and full heal you


I like the duels changes. The nerf to bunny from 6 to 8 seems a bit harsh to me but maybe it needed it.

Cant say it better before the nerv the card was super fun …

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Hysteria adds pseudo-rush to the mix. You don’t have to be even on board. Alternatively you can have one decent-sized minion and being swarmed by rogues’ tiny ones.

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Bit too much value for 3 mana. Hysteria is already annoying.

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I’m surprised they focused on hysteria. I’m thinking there’s possibly some card interaction they see in the future sets that might do something. Better to fix this now.

Well nice to see Tiller otk die.


the nerfed one should cost less 3 mana is a bit expensive

and think they may be worried about people using it to skip opponent turns
so instead of fixing that isue they nerf hysteria instead

Great job… instead of fixing an old whatever card you had to nerf this cool new card. I use it in my standard warlock deck, but now I’m gonna dust it…


Tiller destroys odd warrior which wins secret mage matchup which enables secret mage which leads to two decks ruling the wild meta.

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It’s not “value for 3 mana.” It’s “value for a friendly minion, a 3-mana spell on that minion, and a 3-mana spell targeting that minion.” At a bare minimum you’re looking at 6 mana (assuming an imp, penguin is your minion).

Well it is clear that non of you understand SECRET MAGE IS NOT OP

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I am so full of hate because hysteria changes now.


the rare self OTK :confused:

But that just kills yourself. You could get the same effect with Neferset Thrasher, but that is then 12 mana, which means you need Thaurissan just to make it a 4-card, 8-mana combo. Can it work? Sure. Will it be good enough? Probably not.

lol im a clown i almost pulled it off in-game and then i realized that

also turns out you cant target enemy immune minions, so that wouldn’t work either