19.4 Patch Notes

19.4 Patch Notes

The 19.4 patch brings the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set, a Mid-Season Update for Duels, new Battlegrounds Heroes and Minions, and more!

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You live to fight another day, Junkbot.


JUnkbot to 4 pleaasees


So fixing adventure achievements is of course out of the question for another year?
They were also too lazy to even add the paladin achievement before it released and it’s still not even there, not to mention the broken mage & hunter ones and the trial by felfire one.


Why not release the same rarities among all the classes? Why do some get common & rare and others get rare & legendary?? This should never happen unless dopes don’t want to design balance around the same rarities like how the game originally was for years. “It’s ok we’ll just release aggro commons for this class and it doesn’t need a legendary like this class.” Really beyond stupid. This is a team that has never once been able to craft a meta that wasn’t ruled by aggro yet they can’t comprehend balancing card rarities among classes, which should be the easiest thing in the world. If they wanted this to be a good mini-set there would be at least one legendary for each class, not boosts to 3 classes.


I can see where you’re going, and kinda agree… but if they did that… there would be around 48 cards… 1 of each rarity for each class and 2 of each for neutral…

which is a little too much for a mini-set… but then again, not really…

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Could you remove Khadgar from the Battlegrouds minion pool? Plz~~~


In duels there is a treasure that when playing a spell, it deals damage to a random minion. The problem is that when there is no minion (oh even if there is) it also hurts the hero. Hopefully check that out!

Another patch where the “no quests” for returning players issue is not addressed, color me surprised.


It seems that the problem with “Shop is closed” will continue and no matter that 75% Hearthstone players might be searching and waiting for fixing this issue next update.Thats it new update and again this issue will continue. My oppinion is that the most important thing for Blizzard team is Monoey, Money and again Money and Battle pass and new heroe skins just for money. But they forget that WE DONT HAVE SHOP TO SEE OFFERS.
Congratulations Blizzard !

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Are the current arena runs going to be cancelled? (I can’t finish it in time.) If so, do I get a free ticket and the rewards?

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Don’t act like you can’t finish your run because you want an entire new free run.

I’m at 7-0. I literary have no time for 5 more games today

A friend of mine has no quest since 1 month … no answer by blizzard team in the French forum of the game …

Without quest, game lose his soul , correct it !!!

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i said ancient watcher should have been gone since like patch #2.

Time to post but you can’t just breeze through some arena games. Get your rewards for that run but don’t act like you feel entitled to another free exploit run. And don’t act like you’re not trying to lobby just to go run and tell the others.

When Will the battlepass be over?

I checked the Bug Fixes & Game Improvements and I need to alert about a bug I found today.

The card Breath of Dreams is drawing a card same if I am not holding a dragon in my hand. It happened twice and seems a legit bug.

My feedback about the patch and future:

It is good, if nothing too much happens I’ll buy the Mini-set using money, however, you need to lapidate the new Heroes Portraits and Achievement System.

You also need to add alternative art cards to VIP Road Rewards to next Season. Those alternative art cards in Book of Heroes and less “overloaded” too many new Heroes Portraits, but more worked in unique voices an interactions would make my mind to buy the “VIP Road Experience Rewards” (I’m sorry I forgot completely its name ‘-’ )

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Still no fix for not getting daily and weekly quests since the launch in december? Without quests I cannot play the game on my asia account, that’s not acceptable!


That would actually be pretty reasonable.

I actually think it’s kind of silly when Demon Hunter came into the mix they took it as “Oh now we can print less neutrals each set”

bumping regular sets and mini-sets by 10 cards should have been where they were at number wise from the start