19.2 Patch Notes

19.2 Patch Notes

The 19.2 patch includes new Battlegrounds Heroes and Minions, balance updates for Standard and Duels, game improvements, and more!

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All of this looks great to me. I hope that they’ve stepped up book of heroes, though, it was pretty crappy the first times.


Stop butchering cards because of social media QQ. This is getting tiresome.

  • Adjusted ‘Win 7 games of Ranked Play mode’ to ‘Win 5 games of Ranked Play mode’.

That is not enough!
Make this annoying quest re-rollable or at least change it from “win” to “play”.
Stop forcing players who don’t want to play ranked to play ranked to get their rewards! Respect that some players do not want to play Ranked for multiple hours a month. The old 5 games per month for the card back were already a chore, 5 games a week is just absolutely annoying for us Arena / BG / Duels players.


Agreed. They also need to get rid of the 25% exp penalty for not playing ranked. Ranked is 400xp/hour, all other modes only give 300.


IDK, 7 wins in ranked is quite easy, 5 even easier. I understand that some players have no interest in ranked though…


Making a pointlessly frustrating task slightly less frustrating doesn’t change the fact its pointlessly frustrating to many.


mobile devices with less than 2GB of RAM will no longer be supported.

At least they are being honest now. Only took them 2 years.


Thanks you Blizzard for the good patch, i wish u luck and some fun! Please add 5 more hp to pudge, because 55 its not enough, thanks you!


thx for your opinion,666 to you

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I agree wis you riglo, pls enjoy the game, and i want to say HELLO TO YOU BATYA

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Hello S1ilverName i wish you good luck on next tournament!

эноугхт вайн, гоу слип ор дурка

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We heard you, yeah, but we will add 1hp to pudge instead of 5 EZ

Thanks for the positive comment, we really appreciate your contribution to the community!

good coment bro))))#3

ГДЕ ПАКИ? :frowning: отдай пж

Bravo, Blizzard! Invite him to the otdel razrabotchikov!


Vkluchai GOVNOVOZ riglo