18.6 Patch Notes

18.6 Patch Notes

Patch 18.6 brings Duels: Early Access, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire pre-purchase, Battlegrounds updates, and more!

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Oh yes! A roulette! We all want a ***king roulette in Hearthstone right?


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I think the theory might be that Battlegrounds is a roulette and it did well.

Where is Djinni’s nerf/fix? This is the only one thing we waited

The picture of the purchase should be for the priest not for the warlock …

Look in the bug notes its actually in there.

I can not believe you still expect us to pay you for this.
I also cant believe that many players do.

You will have to fix SO MANY problems before you see even 1 cent from me.
I have listed them on these boards over the years. Nothing changed. only the amount of others that agree with me has gone up…

Go back to your design tables and fix wild.

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I don’t see where you mention the “s pen” issue btw

Finally Descent of Dragons is out of the arena rotation.

You have to love entitled people who believe their views are in the majority among the millions of people playing this game. Really sorry you aren’t seeing the changes you like and not spending money is definitely the right way to express your concerns but whining about it on the internet just makes you sound like a spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum.


OK here is a very interesting question , How does players above 10K practice duo’s when it’s disabled , All the recent tournaments were duo based (at least the invitational ones) … I am not sure much thought has been given to that change

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Zephrys, The Great

  • Three Wishes [Cost 4]
    • If you have two copies of a minion, find the third. (3 wishes left)

Isn’t this too powerful? Just balanced everything then you introduce this new hero…

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So what is the ETA when play store will pass through update on?

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Inquiring minds want to know! +1

Check in, no demon comp changing at 18.6, disappointed.

No update available in the google play store?


If you like standard and hate Zephrys, maybe this means they won’t remake Zephrys after it gets rotated out next year. That would be nice.

I only play this game caz I enjoy spending time with my friends and now I’m not allowed to? Do I have to intentionally lose games to low my rank to play with peaple I want? Is it what you want this game to be, a game where peaple intentionally lose games because of your restrictions?

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Oh my… The battleground-rating in a group is strange now. Today I was in a group with a friend, rating of ~2800, me with rating of ~5500. I was the big looser, the 8. place was mine. The rating: ~600+. o.O What??? My mate’s rating was nearby mine.

Millions of quest marks over my head… what was that?

I’m not possible to play with my mates after tomorrow when this is going on. With a rating over 10.000 it is not allowed to play in a group at bg. I don’t understand the new rating and I ask for the reason of the new rules about the rating in groups.

For my opinion it’s not necessary to earn this high rating.

I haven’t much fun to play, when I’m on the 8. position and earn the same high positive rating like I won. :frowning:

Where is the challenge in it?

Hope you have answers for me.



direct quote from some scrub.