18.6 Patch Notes

I HATE the new feature that players with rank >10,000 cannot queue together in battle grounds. My brother and I live in different states and playing BGs together has been a great way to stay in touch. Please remove this restriction, at least for 2 players only!


So nerfing mages for no reason huh? You really want to destroy the game Blizzard

Blizzard does allow you to make a second account. That’s how I got the murloc hero skin. If I get banned for saying this, forget what I just said. Account number two can even have the same name, but it’ll just have a different number for friends to add you.

So is the failure of quests to progress when challenging a friend a feature or a bug? I started playing way more often when I was able to enjoy the game with friends and still complete quests. As of this patch, it is either broken or reversed. I need to find out before my wife and I drop 160 bucks on this new bundle.


Why don’t nerf these cards:

  • Activate the Obelisk
  • Entomb
  • Grave Rune
  • Convincing Infiltrator
  • Raza the Chained
  • Shadow Word: Death

And some cards doubled, like: Tenctatles and Power Infusion?!?!

I was above 4500 in Battlegrounds, I lost a match and my rating fropped to 4494 how is that possible? :frowning:

If 4500 is a rating floor, you should report that in the Bug Report forum unless someone else already has.

Am i the only one thinking Astromancer Solarian wasn’t a broken card to be nerfed?