17.0 Hotfix Update

What? Abuse? I needed dust and saw that card as epic soni dusted, never intended the abuse part :frowning:

Someone can please answer me ?

Why does every time I log into the game (and I mean every time), it does a small install? This is getting old.

Im trying to play puzzle letal dr boom 3/4 starting to hate villanorte, and the only way that I’ve found to win, is impossible, cause the game don’t follow a effect of a card… And i can’t find another way, please help me…

Recent card changes have made several of the Boomsday Laboratory puzzles impossible to complete.
Blizzard is aware, and have announced that they plan to fix this by April 9.

Any plans to fix the fact that I am seeing my opponents mana on my crystals when I’m holding my cards up. This is the mobile version I am talking about. I tend to misplay when trying to determine my next play. I always think I have more mana then I actually have.

Yes I noticed this on my android phone too.

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Mana glitch on mobile remains…come on blizzard. It’s been two weeks.

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Last Patch said we shouldn’t get more than doubles from packs anymore until we got them all … but today i started opening new packs … opened about 35 packs and got several cards more than 2 times … like “overgrowth” (druid) i now have 3 of them, none is golden … is that intended? Maybe i misunderstood the patch notes.

Demon hunter nerf when?

It’s coming soon. Today. On Twitter they stated it’s coming.

It feels like we were beta testers for yesterday and today.

You won’t get any duplicates until you have obtained all of a certain RARITY. So once you obtain all the commons, you will start getting duplicates of all the commons.

Would not it be nice to have balance changes in HS actually mentioned on some official site, like HS news, of forums, instead of personal twitter?..

Might catch less people by surprise in game and struggling to find what have actually happened…

So far these changes don’t come anywhere near close enough to making this balanced. As an example I just got hit for 16 in one turn with life steal. My DH opponent started with a CLEAR BOARD. He went from nothing to 16 burst damage in one shot.

@Kerfuffle not trying to be a nuisance, but i logged on and the Boomsday Project is still broken


@Kerfluffle * I’m also waiting the adventure fix


Boomsday project adventure is still broken!


This is still broken (Boomsday Power Word Shield) and we’re not going to know when it’s fixed because the patch notes won’t be displayed (this is a server-side patch)… anyone from Blizzard care to comment on revised schedule for the patch please?


are we gonna ignore the fact that demon hunter is still broken?

Puzzles are still not fixed. We are April 11th