16.2.4 Update Coming Tomorrow!

People are ( not surprisingly…) underestimating how big a nerf this is to demons imo… now you only have one pile of stats, compared to 2-3 that demons used to have. And without any death rattles and shield possibilities, I doubt juggler/weaver is going to be good any more. New meta is mech and tirion for sure, followed by demons and then murlocs and beasts as a distant third place…

Think the only win I had with beast was with afk, where I got a shapechanger as my free card and on t4 it turned in to mama bear! And yeah unless you are shudder murlocs are just to weak in the mid game.

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Take free damage for 2 turns to discover 2 tier 2 minions while you are still on tavern 1. what a great idea you have there.


Great to see that galakrond and increase cost interaction has been fixed, but… can you do something about ysera dream portals and nozdormu interaction that skipps your turn? thanks for the good job!

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Are you literate?

unexpected result

now can you please look into balancing hero powers ? some are ridiculously overpowered while others are garbage .


get top 4 with weaver and literally any demons you see on board. Demons still OP gtfo

Didn’t even know FW was moved to tier 4. I just played a game with zero demon comps and wondered why. But now there was nothing but Cobalt spam. I won ofc with Brann/murlocs but still. I agree that WW is the real problem. Their ability should do 2 damage and golden version should be 3 damage to face. Or at least the golden WW should do 2 damage, it stays at 1 which is asinine.

Not me… They killed Demon. totally killed. By the time you get a watcher you don’t have enough life left worth getting. Making Tirion even more OP than he was. Demon was about the only thing that could take out Tirion before. They also killed afk who can only pray for a cobalt warrior now or they are over.

I say make Tirion cost 3, move cobalt warrior to t4 and rat pack to t3 or else beast will totally dominate the early game.

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just that one ?

they should do the same with any nozdormu interaction
like nozdormu + plot twist(with hand full and 1 or 2 broodmothers can skip your turn too


So…yeah, I had to wait until I saw a Kripparian video to mention the Floating Watcher change. Why didn’t you put a patch note thing in the actual Battlenet client? It’s extremely informational and not everyone checks the forums before playing or watching YouTube players. The simplest thing in the world and you just couldn’t be bothered…


Yeah this change is great, but it took me a while to realize nobody was doing demons. Annoying i had to do research to figure it all out.

Nerf is too much. Demons are rekt at least in the BGs I been in so far. Floaty to 4 is too long of a wait to make it work. Its now juggles demons or nothing though I suspect wrathies and just malganis would still be okish so tier5 is a must for demons now.

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getting to t4 is not “OP”, OP is winning 1st place without much thought


The Loatheb Battlecry also doesn’t work with Kirin Tor Mage and Kabal Lackey reduced Secrets.

Was this also changed to keep consistency with the Rogue Galakrond?

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Yeah, seems strange to me. On board reductions etc. are usually applied first, then the in hand changes. Naga sea witch for example, which was changed to fit that criteria (And later got a nerf to maintain it)… makes no sense to me.

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I’m still seeing demons ending up #1, which is fine. I like the nerf, now demonplayers have an incentive to go past tier 3.

Jugglers AND floaters at tier 3 was too much.

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Do you honestly think about the crap you suggest or do you just vomit out everything that pops into your head?? Tirion to 3??? Who on earth would ever use it then!? Cobalt to 4 would straight up destroy mechs… people severally underestimates the different in t3 and t4…

How about instead of destroying mechs, then buff the other tribes a bit? Maybe a more beefy beast on t3-4 would do the trick and maybe move king murloc down to t4?

No idea what you are saying, but if you trying to say demons are still top dog, then it must only be at your rank 3500 since everyone else is reporting something else

knowing interaction like this been a thing for a long time before boompistol this wasnt a bug fix they changed the mechanic

it wouldnt be the first time they change card interactions

Great nerf but as long tirion is around this game is unplayable.
Something should’ve been done about him a long time ago.