16.2.4 Update Coming Tomorrow!

What about arena, guys? You promised the rotation, but we still don’t know which sets will be in


The “i win” button is now rolling tirion as your hero.


Nothing for Tirion? He’s more broken than demons are.

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And still the samsung S-Pen doesnt work. Are we getting a fix ever?


Lol remember when junkbot was ridiculous at tier 4? I do, tier changes matter


They did mention a bigger update coming in the near future. I’d be surprised if they don’t nerf Tirion.

I’m not buying the “pushing an OP minion to higher tier” approach. If this continues, soon all of the usable minions will be at tier-5/6 lol.

How about changing the card text, like in Rank mode? Changing Floating Watcher into “add +2/+1 every time taking damage” is good enough.


hurrah! they finally found out about the existence of the official forum


When are dragons being added in?

Why not just add in a bunch of new cards? Remove some less interesting ones? Why not just shake up the meta? Add in some new mechanics specific to battlegrounds to give players more control over how their units attack? Why are the developers so married to the current state of the game?

This is what really needs to be done to try to make the game not a complete luck fest. Nothing is more stupid than your minions ignoring the non protected key minion that makes whole strategy work. Perhaps players could click on a minion during battle making it the minion your guys will attack unless a taunt prevents. When that minion dies the player could click on the next priority minion.

There’s a reason the genre is called “autobattler”.


that means games would have to go into late game, and that would be fine cause currently, tier5 and 6 minions are mostly unused by contrast

also they can’t make that nerf to it, is a constructed card, they would have to nerf the original card too, that’s how it is most likely coded

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the only thing this is gonna do for the meta is make it harder by flooding mechs and the infin cobalt refresh. Murlocs and beasts will still fail at being a a build that works even 25% of the time. Tiron will still be broke af and death rattle builds will still be good IF you can pull it off. BUT demons will still be an issue with juggler builds and you don’t need a water to get a 100/100 weaver. Infact moving watcher to 4 makes juggler builds even worse because you’ll have more minions on board to ping off so maybe mech builds wont be insta win but at most you’ll have one player contesting mechs with a juggler and just weeding out all the non mech builds for them.

the combat phases aren’t that bs on tft and it’s an autobattler

Blizzard created a literal chess autobattler with their chess brawl. Throwing in some units that attack directly across from their position wouldn’t exactly be hard to do, and would give positioning some meaning aside from attack order and protecting from cleaves.

I really wanna know how all you gaming chair devs, with your give me control of how my cards attack would make this work in game.

Blindly placing units on the board during your buy phase, good plan. Oh wait there goes my 20/20 taunt to a 1/2 poison murlock.

Adding an extra step to combat where you get to place your units based on a coin flip of who goes first. Oh wait who ever goes second will just do the best placement they can to win negating the first persons board.

Same as above except players do it at the same time. Oh wait yet again, players just keep moving this to counter the other till a rope runs out and the game is basically just some random mess.

Basically with the way hearthstone works you cant balance any form of non random attack order. Does it suck when you run a full board into stuff and let the juggler/mamma bear/refreshers live, and it feels really good when you don’t.

That doesn’t say it was a bug, just unintended. They designed it in a specific way and hadn’t thought about the interaction.

Afk is uber trash now, cobalt is of course still good, but what you going to do with a lone juggler?

yes, that is a bug.

A software bug is an error, flaw, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result


It wasn’t an error… they intentionally coded it a certain way and hadn’t realized the ramifications. A bug would be if you coded it wrong and something wasn’t working as a result. They coded it that way and didn’t have the foresight. A bug is not the same as “oops we didn’t think that through”.

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