16.2.4 Update Coming Tomorrow!

Greetings Friends!

We have a small 16.2.4 server-side patch going live tomorrow with the following changes:

  • Floating Watcher is moving from Tavern Tier 3 → Tavern Tier 4
  • Fixed an issue that caused Galakrond the Nightmare 's cost-reduction priority to negate the cost-increase effects of cards such as Boompistol Bully and Loatheb.

Once these changes have gone live, I’ll be sure to update this thread!


2/13 UPDATE: We are starting to roll this out now! Please note that this may take some time for you to pick-up these changes.


Hurrah! This should definitely hinder demons a bit. Necessary change.

Was hoping there would be more changes as well though.


So boompistol bully not working on rogue galakronds drawn card WAS a bug and everyone kept telling regiskillbin when he pointed it out that it was an intended interaction with the card…

Glad to see the devs finally fixed it.


Might be enough. Floaty to tier 4 is a huge nerf and also fixes AFK to a large degree. Maybe too much. AFK now just has cobalt and juggles as the IWIN buttons.


to be fair: she shouldn’t have “I Win” buttons to begin with -her hero power should offer 2 tier2 minions since that’s what most people are playing at that stage, no one gets to tier3 at turn3

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No arena rotation? Doesn’t it usually happen by now?

Would someone stop and think about the ladder players? Matchmaking is an absolute train wreck, even at lower ranks. Queuing into identical decks multiple times in a row at ranks 6-10 is ridiculous. It’s like there is no history checking in the logic at all anymore. When it takes all of 3 seconds to get a match, clearly there is very little going on in the way of finding an opponent going on there. Even the amount of mirror matches has increased, which is even more mind boggling.

I can’t believe players would object to a few extra seconds on wait times if it meant they would actually have a variety in matchmaking on ladder instead of what it is it has become over the last several months. It’s just hard to keep logging in when you want to play, but the game just frustrates you more than anything else.

Step away from the BG tuning and spend some time on the ladder matchmaking issue. Hell, admitting it is an existing issue and that you are working on it would be a start instead of letting ladder players eat static update after update.

tldr: Confirm ladder matchmaking is being worked on and get it resolved.


That’d be a terrible deal. You still have to upgrade from tier 1, so even with two tier 2 minions you’d be basically even with everyone else, and you just took 2-5 damage and have no active hero power.

Moving watcher to 4 is probably sufficient to dampen their dominance.


decent change but you didnt listen to cobalt to 4 now the meta will be mechs and refresh on the cobalt :man_facepalming: how many weeks until you move cobalt to 4? 2-3 weeks?

also no changes on juggler still on 3… basically this switch from demon meta to juggler-mech meta.

Nerf wild , please…

Ugh, so rather then 100/100 Watcher, you get a 98/98 Watcher. Rather pointless.

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i just hope this mechanic change wont nerf unexpected cards

has anyone won your $10 prize?

What a joke. Is Ben Brode back? Afraid to make any meaningful changes again. Is there a unicorn beast build out there that everyone is just missing?

Jugglers and Weavers are the mid game problem because they crush Murlocs and often beasts. Watcher becomes a issue late game. However, Wather is only one pile of stats that Demons have. Weavers still exsist tier one and Watchers only get delayed by two or three turns.

This does NOTHING to address why demons are a problem and takes the Ben Brode route of simply doing whatever is the tiniest tweek possible that you can still justify as a change.

This change is weak sauce.


I think some are underestimating this change. Moving tiers doesn’t just mean that Watchers get delayed a few turns, it also means there are fewer available. Those two effects combined will have an impact. And it’s almost impossible to do a strong demon build that scales into the late game without Watchers.

I actually like that they’re doing small tweaks (at least for now) rather than making wholesale changes to the mode.


Mand won but waived on prize. Wrath should have went tier 2 maybe and afk removed from pool of heroes. Floaty to tier 4 is massive and demons might fall into only juggles builds

wow, and this massive update only took WEEKS! slow down guys, dont burn yourselves out…
meanwhile, keep ignoring the games real problems.


Just all of it? Like, “When you are playing in Wild mode, cards cost 1 more?”


Wasn’t the Arena rotation supposed to happen in this update as well, according to an earlier post on Reddit?