[UPDATE - March 26th - 1:45PM PDT] - An update on Open Beta status and issues

Hello everyone -

Diablo IV Open Beta has begun and we want to thank everyone for jumping back into the world of Sanctuary. These beta tests are a crucial part of our development and help us make the game experience better for everyone as we head toward launch in June. Today, we have seen more players than ever log into the game. We are excited to see all the enthusiasm about the game and the two new available classes for testing (Druid & Necromancer) this weekend.

We want to provide an update on some of the major items the team is currently working on after the start of Open Beta earlier this morning.

  • We are looking at an issue where players disconnect from the game and are unable to rejoin after disconnecting. This is tied to a few other items that players are experiencing such as party errors and some network performance issues in-game.
  • There is an issue where Windows users may run into a crash upon alt-tabbing while in Fullscreen. We do have a workaround for that and it is located here on this thread.
  • Some users are also experiencing issues with in-game voice dialogue. A workaround for this issue is for users to leave the game and go into their game settings and adjust language settings to English. English is currently the only available language available for voice dialogue in beta. We will have other languages available in the final game.

Beyond this list, the team is working on many other reported items and capturing them so we can address them either during beta or before launch.

As we noted earlier this week, we do expect queue times this weekend while we manage the flow of players in-game as we tackle these issues. We expect queue times to fluctuate depending on the time of day and traffic depending on where you are located. There may be a time where we need to take the servers down to perform maintenance and to push out an update. We will make sure to notify the community beforehand when and if that occurs.

We will continue providing updates either later this evening or tomorrow morning (PDT) once we have additional information.

Thank you again for the enthusiasm and feedback as we help bring Diablo IV to everyone come June.


Hello everyone -

Just a quick update from the Diablo team.

We have pushed an update out to users that addresses the VO issues above.

We have also made some backend changes that we feel have alleviated some queue times. We will be continuing to work on issues through the evening.

Thank you again for the feedback during Open Beta.


Hello again!

One last update for the evening. We have released another client patch for PC. This one addresses an issue where Fullscreen users on Windows were running into crashes while alt-tabbing.

Thank you again and we will be back tomorrow with any additional updates.


Hello everyone -

This morning the team has been performing some rolling restarts on some services behind the scenes and a few additional hotfixes. The intended goal is to improve performance, but there may be some intermittent disconnects for users while we perform these updates. We will have another update later today.

Thanks again for your patience, feedback and excitement around the beta this weekend.


Happy Saturday evening everyone -

The team earlier this afternoon was able to successfully stabilize some of the player drops we were seeing from this morning. This has allowed us to alleviate queue times for all players.

We have another backend hotfix that we will be aiming to deploy later this evening to help out with further server stabilization. The deployment of this hotfix may disrupt some connections but is needed for the betterment of the beta through Sunday.

We will provide further updates when available. Thanks again and please continue posting about bugs and feedback in the forums.


Hi everyone -

Final update this evening from the War Room. The team got the hotfix out across all regions. Queue times and servers are looking good across the board and for the Ashava events tonight and early tomorrow morning.

We will be monitoring throughout the night and provide any updates if needed tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback and bug reporting throughout this beta.


Happy Sunday all -

Overnight and this morning have been pretty clear minus a disruption that impacted a small subset of players that the team discovered. There are some additional backend server rolls that have been occurring to address this with minimal or no impact to players and connections. These will continue on through the early afternoon.