Exclusive Fullscreen Instability in Beta

We’ve received reports of instability in Diablo IV Beta when using Fullscreen display mode specifically. This instability may show up when using Alt-Tab to switch out of the game, or when another application takes focus while the game is running in Exclusive Fullscreen mode. Windows 11 is the most impacted by the Fullscreen issue.

We recommend using Windowed Fullscreen in order to avoid this issue during Open Beta.

If you want to use a resolution lower than the desktop resolution:

  • Use the resolution percentage slider in the video options to drop the render resolution if native resolution is too demanding.

If you don’t want the cursor to move outside the window:

  • Use the Lock Cursor option in the graphics settings.

Finally, if you need to change the display mode outside of the game before launching you can delete the LocalPrefs.txt file in this location:
C:\Users\(username)\Documents\Diablo IV\LocalPrefs.txt
Launching Diablo IV again will re-create the LocalPrefs.txt file and set the default display mode to Windowed Fullscreen.