Invalid License Issues on PlayStation Consoles


error: 315306

Location: PH

ultimate edition

Mine also

Code 315306
BattleTag: LuckySe7eN#31363
Ps5 tag: Iucky_se7en

  • i got Ultimate edition
  • ask SONY CS :white_check_mark:
    they sleep , bot answered
  • ask Battle net CS :white_check_mark:
    they gave me this forum link , i read it all methods in this forum such :
  • Reinstall
  • Restore License key
  • Install some of free game from playstation game catalogue
  • hard reset
    No result :smiling_face_with_tear: , and then i start to purchase some of in app purchasement :
  • 200 platinum bundle
  • crypt hunter pack bundle
    Still zero result !
    Frustated :face_vomiting:
  • uninstall from PS5 :white_check_mark:
  • im waiting for refund now :face_holding_back_tears:

why early access not work in console sharing?


Shame on you.
On xbox in the same house our children are not able to play a game.

You need to think better yours decision.
Regretted to buy early access.


The blame game between Sony and blizzard, classic


This is really unfortunate for Sony-PlayStation and Blizzard. This is going to break you guys with gaming. You have so many followers and gamers that were willing to pre pay in order to be able to play and you have majorly messed up… you will have so many requests for refunds it will be a bombardment of very angry-disappointed gamers…
This has to be fixed or you will have ppl stop playing your games :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:


Boys I’ll find a solution and I hope works for yours just like to me , if PS5 justo go in “SETTINGS- ACCOUNT AND USERS- OTHERS - RESTORE LICENCES” and just log in D4.

console sharing not work


This isnt working for me. Buying something or downloading a free game isnt either. I did switch accounts on my PS5 purchased Diablo4. Shame on me. Should have paid attention.

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Anything yet Blizzard? My copy is working but my friend just bought the game and I don’t want her having issues. Let us know whats going on.


No other game on playstation has this issue. Go figure.


exactly what happened to me

Shame blizzard, your focus is only the money…


trying to log in on my Xbox one to play as i paid for early access and it keeps coming up error code 315306, i have deleted and reinstalled the game and I’m still getting the same code constantly i paid £100 so i could have the early access and nearly 18 hours later i still can not play! what the hell is going on!!


we spend extra to play early and can’t & we probably cant get to play… whats wrong with you guys!!!


I bought a game with psn brotherhood, I can log in on the purchased account, but I have this problem in my own account, is the game banned for brotherhood?

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Have seen a few fixes for this problem and have tried them, including downloading a mount and platinum or a free game from store uninstalling and installing. As yet nothing works, now going on pretty much 20 hours without any time played.


I was running into this same problem yesterday. What worked for me was to purchase whatever Blizzard is using for in-game currency through the PSN store. It feels really, really scummy having to pay an additional $2 just to gain access, but that’s what worked for me. Good luck.

All we did was download a free to play game, doesn’t matter which one. Don’t even need to open it once it’s downloaded. It fixed the licensing issue for 6 of us.

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The team and our partners have been able to address the issue regarding the licensing errors that players are seeing.

If you are still seeing licensing issues, please provide extra information and report these through customer support including your PSN ID and ID.

I do want to remind everyone that if you are still seeing this a licensing issue and are game sharing, you should refer to our pinned post regarding game sharing during Early Access.