[Main Thread] Xbox - No Valid License error

I thought it was weird when I didn’t get the prompt to link battle net account at first load in but hey I had D3 linked and all on PS5 so I figured hey , it’s Blizzard they linked the correct bnet account. I’m still laughing about my stupidity.

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I have updated this post because i caused some confusion:

Thank you. I contacted support, I hope they will help me too. Got exactly the same problem! Whenever you are in Germany, I’ll buy you a drink! :slight_smile:

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This won’t work with my issue. My husband bought a copy on PC that he’s using his battlenet account to play. Because the playstation automatically assigned our PS5 copy under his battlenets acccount we are unable to change it to mine. So my husband is stuck with two licenses on his account. We’ve tried unlinking and linking so many times but nothing will work. Blizzard got back to me and told me that when the purchase was made it locked him into it. I just wish we could have gotten a warning ahead of time.

Create your own Battlenet account, contact Blizzard and ask them to move your game over too your newly created Battlenet account…worth a try.

I bought the Ultimate edition and played for a day or 2 then when I linked my battle net account I apparently don’t own the game anymore. If i buy it one place I shouldn’t have to buy it another. I’d like to play the game I spent $99 on thank you blizzard.

I created this bnet account before we even bought the game because I was worried something like this could happen. I asked Blizzard to move the license yesterday. At this point I didn’t even get early access and that’s whatever. I just hope I can play at 7 tonight.

Well finally got a response from blizzard. Apparently my Battle.net account I used back in the WoW hay day is somehow attached to my PS5. I’m talking like a 20 year old account. Asked for a license transfer. Still awaiting their next response. As long as I can play at 7 tonight I won’t be that upset I guess

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Mine was the same, very old BN account but mine was from playing Diablo 3.

I really don’t understand why when the game got launched for the first time it didn’t ask us to log into our BN account rather than just automatically logging into a pre-installed BN account on the hardware.

I think Blizzard assume we all know our old BN accounts from many many years ago.

So far 3 of my friends have successfully got back into their game by using the method i gave them :love_you_gesture:


problem is I still havent received response from them…

So the only thing I can tell you is that if you suspect it has something to do with the game license being attached to either a false or old account that is unused anymore create a support ticket, due the account, code or key problem, insert your Battle.net ID, Gamertag or PSN ID, and I even included the emails to prove it is the same information for both and formally request the game license for your game and platform to be moved to the current battle.net you are able to access. I have read a bunch of users have gotten their login issues through license error fixed once they did this and resynced everything with the correct battle.net


Let me guess, us little people (paying customers) that keep you criminals in business aren’t worth a response, real answer, OR OUR $$$ back from the crooks on high right? The world is waiting blizz…


Total refund owed $109.24

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Look at this generic answer they sent me.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to reach out to us today. I hope that the day finds you well! •ᴗ•

The development team and our partners have been able to address a known issue for Playstation users who experienced problems with their active Diablo IV license. Invalid License Issues on PlayStation Consoles - #1533 by PezRadar

For Xbox users, this error typically occurs due to using Game Share. For information on how to use Game Share to do couch co-op, see this post. Game sharing during Early Access couch co-op on console

If neither situation applies to you, you will receive this error when no license in found on your account. If you play on Windows, you should:

Confirm that you are logged into the correct Battle.net account.
Your Games & Subscriptions page will display your “Diablo IV” license.
Your Transaction History may also provide you with more information in case of a payment issue.

If you play on console, you should contact your console’s manufacturer for more assistance (Sony or Microsoft) as we cannot access your console’s purchase history.

If you continue to have trouble please submit a bug report. Blizzard Support - Reporting a Bug

Thanks again for your time and giving me the opportunity to address your issue Mario! Have a great day!

Finally works! Yay!!!

Same here, I own the Ultimate Edition, linked my account, and lost everything. I am game sharing, but I’ve been game sharing for years, and it wasn’t til today when I linked my account that everything went downhill. How can this issue be fixed, I don’t care anymore about my character I can rebuild it, but I do want access to my Ultimate Upgrade perks, I feel cheated paying 99.99 and only getting the base game without any perks.

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I tryed this and i still get a coded error

Hey there everyone,

I just wanted to come in and provide some clarification specific to players reporting that they had access and lost it after linking their battle.net accounts.

(Note: Invalid license errors should no longer be happening with the end of early release. If you are seeing that error after global launch it is likely your license is on a different Battlenet account than the one you are currently trying to use. Check any other emails you control for a Battlenet account and check that account for your access to the game)

A Battlenet account is required to play the game. All progress is stored with our service and kept with Battlenet Account that was linked when the progress was earned.

This means if you played at all, you were already linked to a battle.net account on that profile. Access would be lost if the console profile was then linked to a different Battlenet Account. This includes any progress you would have made before making the new link.

Progress/licenses cannot be moved, merged, reset or duplicated across Battlenet accounts. This stays on the Battlenet account it was earned on.

If you have full access now and access to purchased cosmetics you can continue playing as is. Just keep in mind you cannot link to a different Battlenet account and move anything already earned to that new account.

Anything related to accounts (locating, confirming information, recovery etc) cannot be addressed on the forums, if you need account assistance with anything on your Battlenet account you would need to submit an account specific ticket using the support site.

If you encounter this or similar error suddenly in the future, Check our breaking news, social pages and these forums for any new/emerging issues and if none exist, create a new post for your specific issue.

We will leave this post pinned for a bit until we get past the bulk of launch issue reports.