Support ticket to fix license error - response time?

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I put in a ticket last night and it’s still not resolved. I added extra detail and verified that the Diablo IV PS5 Ultimate edition is tied to the wrong bnet account, and syncing to the correct bnet account has locked me out of playing the game.

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Yeah I feel you. I’m pretty disappointed with Blizzard.

So will it even work on the official day one? I didn’t think I had two bnet accounts, but who knows. I just bought it off PSN thinking everything was good. I wish we could hear some feedback from blizzard about the issue. I’ve contacted Sony, and they are not real sure either. I think I’ve learned my lesson on pre-ordering blizzard games. I will wait next time to see if the “hiccups” get lined out first.

Here’s what I have came up with through my research since I’ve received the. Licensing editor code after 10 hrs of game play.

Pretty sure I figured out the issue. Just follow me here guys.

  1. Blizzard releases Early Access but their authentication servers aren’t setup correctly for console users. Prompting a update to the authentication servers like a day later.
  2. update causes connectivity issues prompting a hot fix for all platforms.
  3. hot fix causes authentication servers to go into verification mode. Prompting Bnet account login from Diablo 4 main menu.
  4. because of the original authentication server issue from launch console users where assigned a generic bnet account randomly created by Diablo 4.
  5. Authentication Servers going into verification mode causes console users to link existing or creat new bnet accounts.
  6. bnet accounts do not match previously verified bnet account on launch. Generating a licensing issue inside their authentication servers.
  7. “ Unable to Verify Licensing Information Error Code 315306 “

“ Slow Clap “ way to go Blizzard!

That makes sense. Hopefully we can all get on at regular launch today…if not, I am going to try and see if I can get a refund through psn. I mean, I can’t even play the game…in other words, it’s kind of faulty.

So y’all tried downloading a free game off playstation network to help update or reset the cache?

Nothing worked. I will say I finally got contacted by Blizzard. They say my Game License is attached to like a 20 yr old account i shutdown because my information got hacked through gmail. so i created this one about 3 years ago. I currently have messaged back asking how I can move further but I have read other users formally requesting Blizzard to move the game license to the correct account and it working. I have put in a single ticket for a formal request and i would advise to include your Id the correct one, PSN ID and emails used for both, I use the same email for gaming logins so that I can keep stuff seperate from work, and Request them to remove your game license from the old unused account and attach it to the correct one you are using. **** I WANT TO BE CLEAR **** you must include all ID’s and I would use emails as well associated so that you can hopefully skip past the verification process.

Also got in contact with Playstation Support who after about 3 experts stated they were aware of the issue and an update should be rolling out soon. I requested an ETA and unfourtanetly there is no ETA.

At least we are moving in the right direction Aye!

I finally got in but my character was deleted and I lost my stuff from the beta for playing to level 20.

People are always complaining about stuff that isn’t a problem

Why would your beta character still exist???

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