Invalid License Issues on PlayStation Consoles


16 hours later and I’m still unable to log in. Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV. (Code 315306).

I have purchased the game from my PSN European store as I’ve changed countries and can no longer purchase games from the United States PlayStation store.

I have TWO accounts on my own PS5 console hooked. 1 is used to purchase games from the respective region I currently reside at, and my primary one on which I play is the American (all my trophies from previous games are there and my PS Plus account is there as well).

My pre order confirmation number is Order Number: 421831142760 and I’ve even called my bank to check if the issue was with the payment not being fully processed… That’s not the case tho, I’m fully charged and I’m unable to use what I paid for!

I’d like to either get this resolved or please take your game back and refund my money!


Game has updated but still had a licensing issue, this has been going on since JUNE1st 3AM eastern time @blizzard what is the update for PLAYSTATION 5 USERS

Exactly what happen to us. Now we can’t hook up the right account for 364 days.

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I feel like if we can get a refund and re buy the game it might work, for some reason even if i delete the game and redownload it it does not help

Purchased this yesterday on PS5, able to play it together with my son (his user profile, mine as second player). Tried to solo on my PS5 user profile and getting the license error?! WTH?! Is Blizzard saying I need to buy two copies for one PS5?!

Game got updated but still unable to find license bug plagues it :<

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Ended up having to buy the game a second time to be able to get it to work. Rather disappointing.

Spent hours trying to get it to work on my wife’s account (bought it on mine and her system is the main system) until I caved and just bought it for her.

It’s crazy how this is an issue for Blizzard in 2023. I didn’t even get a chance to link my bnet account, it automatically linked to my wife’s because she played overwatch on my PS4 7 years ago. No joke. It didn’t even show connected on her bnet account, it’s like it cached credentials from 7 years ago (and 3 consoles at that, I upgraded a year after to ps4 pro then eventually ps5).

I really wish Blizzard would update with a fix soon. I took time off work and this really soured the experience for me. If I don’t see an update by 10 PDT I’m just gonna request a refund through PSN and figure it’s just not meant to be.


Is it fixed yet? Bought the game ,for 110 euros for early start and i cant play the game :frowning:

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Hope people get fired for this.


It seems to be an issue with linked account. I bought two version of the game the standard one for my wife on pc and the ultimate one for me on ps5 I was playing fine yesterday on my ps5 then after realizing that I needed to have a different battlenet acc because all my progress was also being shared on the pc, I unlinked the old acc and created a new battlenet for my ps5 after that I get the license error on my ps5 but my wife is able to play on pc while it only has the standar version. sry for my ENG

Dear @blizzard
We are awaiting your comments about that situation. Any updates? Plans?


Still having the same issue today! Why is this not fixed by now? If they aren’t going to fix it, we deserve a refund at least!


No me funciona quiero jugar ya!!!

Once again Blizzard you are so disappointing. Yesterday night it took me 2 HOURS AND 30 MINUTES to get in. I don’t even want to try today. You have to compensate the penalty we have compared to PC players. So frustrating


Got a refund yesterday on PC after hours waiting for a group of friends on console who weren’t able to log in Blizzard Support

We might buy it again when the problem is addressed but we are still waiting.

If you are on console I suppose you can request a refund by going to their respective stores. Good luck

Still not working. It is a day later. When is this fixed? EU player on PS5.

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Code 315306
BattleTag: killuminati#21589
Ps5 tag: ghzenay

I got the deluxe edition but i still get this damn code!

Ps: player from the Netherlands

I tried contacting Sony and this was their answer: Thanks for waiting, I completely understand your concern about this situation but no need to worry about it. We are seeing reports regarding PlayStation users experiencing Invalid License errors. The team in charge is already looking into this right now and will update once we have more information.

Also, we do suggest to keep checking Publisher’s announcements. Blizzard is aware of the issue. You can keep on checking their official Twitter for any updates:


Same here, in Spain, battletag Kippy#1162, code 315306, ultimate edition