Flickering item stats popups

When I go to blacksmith or any other vendor, and I hover with mouse over an item, the item stats popups sometimes flicker. That’s kind of annoying.
See Diablo 4 bug - Patch 1.1.1 - flickering item stats popups - YouTube


I am also having this issue. It also occurs when reviewing items in my inventory and comparing them to the equipped items.


i saw this in another thread. i guess it’s worth a shot to try


I am also having this issue. Highlighting over items in inventory they will sometimes not display or flicker.

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Thanks, but it did not fix it.
I think it has to do with stash loading when other players appear.

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Having the same issue. Thought it was jusf me. Going to try the tooltip disable/enable trick.

same here, i post it already here… Patch 1.1.1 inventory bug - Item-Display disappears / flickering and higher loadingtime

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Same issue here, really really annoying:


Me too having this flickering issue.
Guess the patch broke something.

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same issue here, and why is my game still freezing even after hotfix ffs.

I’m having the same problem.
I notice it only seems to happen when there are other people around.

same by hover dungeons on map

same issue, please fix Blizzard asap!

same for me… soooo annoying!

its happening to me also

The patch 1.1.2. unfortunately didn’t fix it. Hope it gets fixed at all.

Disable reenable is not working for me. This is a very frustrating problem as looking through your inventory at items is a big part of the game. Can’t do it when the text for the items doesn’t show up.

Fix your game, Blizz

It did work for me. U have to disable it , apply the changes, enable it and apply the changes again. Unchecking and checking the box only wont work. And do it for both ; advanced tooltip and advanced compare.

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Thank you. I can no longer confirm this as I uninstalled the game some time ago.
A bug remains a bug, even if there are workarounds. Numerous people are still experiencing issues with flickering popups.

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I’ve got the same problem. I have however been able to get the flickering to lessen by increasing my in-game mouse cursor to LARGE. It’s still there, but much less. Interesting to see if this can help others also. OPTIONS > GRAPHICS > Cursor Scale