Item tooltip flashes

sounds like you 3 have a related similar issue.

maybe you all have similar software, overlay, windows setting, or something else that could be interfering.

not blaming your systems or whatever could be causing a problem but it could be a problem on your client side.

maybe work together here to see if you have anything in common

Yup, I got it too. Weird and annoying especially if you are comparing items.

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i have none of what you say… it was working perfectly fine before patch , i have changed nothing on my pc and getting this bug too…


i was simply giving some options for people in this thread that are having issues to maybe i dunno… talk to each other and maybe try to see if there are any common denominators?

maybe put some info together and help each other which may help the devs if there is a problem with the patch?

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Yes an i was stating that nothing was changed on my end and also experiencing this issue. Its more likely a bug code in the game and nothing what person is doing or using. Debunking the fact its not our pc, or or client or using any overlay software.

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I feel you bro! got the same skit after this patch… Blizz ffs, get ur skit together!!11

Found a solution though that worked for me!
Options > Gameplay > Disable and Re-enable Tooltip Compare & Information.

Restart client to be sure :wink:

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This didn’t work for me, unfortunately. It even does it with those two options off. Restarted client every single time I changed something. Nothing :confused:. This especially sucks when you have to scroll down to see the tooltips at the bottom of the item and it just keeps resetting back to the top of the item.

I’m on PC playing with controller. More specifically, the Luna controller from Amazon. Everything is up to date and I’ve done everything I can to rule out the controller being the problem (I’ve only had this controller for two days). Not sure what else to do, can’t really read any gear pieces because it’s so bad so I can’t really play unless I don’t plan on upgrading anything lol.

Ok, im on PC (master-race) too!

Im using mouse from Mionix so if i were you, try with a mouse?
If that dosnt work, try disable and re-enable stuff in options.

Just tried with 2 different mice and my trackpad, it’s actually worse lol. Faster disappear/reappear.

Having same issue with flashes of item tooltips.

Now it is appearing again randomly… shame… :frowning:

Same here, appeared after patch 1.1.1.


Having the same issue for several days now. Tooltip won’t show up unless I can going on and off of it a 5-6 times and then it shows up or starts blinking a few times and disappears again. They can nerf the hell out of the game easily but can’t keep from making annoying little bugs like this.

Same issue, the tooltip displays only when it feels like it.

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Same issue. Happened rarely before patch. After patch it’s very frequent. Not great.

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UPDATE: Found a fix based on someone else’s post here about disabling and re-enabling Tooltip Compare & Information. First I tried disabling both and saving settings, and it did NOT work. Then I re-enabled both and saved settings and it still did not work. THEN I disabled both, saved settings, re-enabled ONLY “Advanced Tooltip Compare” (leaving "Advanced Tooltip Information unchecked), and saved settings. That’s what worked (at least for now).

Hope this helps.


A bump to add to the line of people seeing this since Tuesday’s patch. It seems to be caused by player character movement in the background. It also only seems to impact legendary tooltips (and possibly uniques). Under the same circumstances other item tooltips don’t flicker.


I’ve had this issue from season start (I do not recall having this problem pre-season). After 1.1.1. it’s way worse than before :confused:

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Same issue here after the patch…

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Having the same issue. At first i thought it was stick drift on the controller. Unplugged and used mouse keyboard, same problem. This started after last patch 1.1.1.