Patch 1.1.1 inventory bug - Item-Display disappears / flickering and higher loadingtime

When i hover with my mouse over an item, the stats/item-display disappears by not turning the mouse, then it comes back and disappears again! Higher loading time by hovering over items. makes no fun!

newest AMD drivers with 6900 XT

Edit: it happens on the map by hover the dungeons too!
So it is not only the inventory!


I have item displays flashing on and off too. Cant read any loot…

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had that lots bbefore the update and now the game is unplayable i get disconnected from server every time i try n teleport to dungeons etc

which graphic card do you have?

i have a geforce gtx1060

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I am having the same issue, can’t see the item attributes when I hover over it.

same issue for me gtx1070

it almost looks like a transparency issue. animations behind what my mouse is rolled over seem to be registering hits.

same problem for me also, very annoying. thought it was a hardware issue as first. please fix this asap blizzard.

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