A fair warning about ANY Season Pass

Just dropping in to give those new adventurers around these parts a fair warning. I don’t recommend purchasing the Season Pass.

Season1, pass complete, items weren’t given to a good chunk of people even though it was unlocked. NO resolution came. Not even acknowledgment of the issue.

It didn’t effect me Season 1, I had the same attitude that can be seen by posters in this thread. I figured the people complaining were just, well stupid. DIdn’t claim it. Ya know, user error SOMEWHERE, so I bought Season 2.

Season 2 BP was completed, but about 1/3 of my unlocked and claimed, but not showing, put in a ticket. Was told it’s a game bug, tickets can’t help go to the forums pc bugs. So I did that. I did. To my Suprise found a LENGTHY thread already in place.

Premium Battlepass Items Unavailable After Purchasing Premium Battlepass at Level 58 - PC Bug Report - Diablo IV Forums (blizzard.com)

Rewards from premium battle pass are missing - Console Bug Report - Diablo IV Forums (blizzard.com)

Season 2 ended, not once was the issue acknlowedged, AGAIN, rewards still missing and now, unalbe to claim. Ticket stating it’s to late, that season has ended and unclaimed rewardsa are lost. This wasn’t a situation we forgot to claim the awards. We claimed them they just did not actually unlock.

Season 3 has started, I ain’t buying it this time. Game is unsinstalled and I got my money’s worth for the time I played. But wouldn’t ya know, that thread starting to get posts about the issue for season 3. hahah.

You’re screwed, considering they’ve yet to even acknowledge the issue for S1/s2

Edit- I have since redownloaded the game. and hot damn, all my items are still missing. I honestly, only gave to hoots about the town portal. I have zero doubts Blizzard will continue to not address this each battle pass to those it affects.

That’s fine, Season 20 will roll around, this thread will be here as a reminder.

So it’s happening in Season 3 as well, pulling this straight from one of hte listed threads…


i think they added a warning now saying if you dont claim your stuff before the end of the season you are out of luck

Except we did claim it. It gave the checkmark,it just failed to actually unlock it. check the thread my man.

edit this wasn’t just a sudden issue at the end of the pass. Talking about halfway through the pass around level 50ish it just stopped actually giving the rewards. It’s been going on since the first season, and not even acknowledged.

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Sounds like you should get credits for a new battlepass.

i have the s3 battlepass and no issues with it, im lvl 74

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I never had any issues with any of my battlepass 1 - 3
This really sucks tho :skull: and blizz doing nothing for those that didn’t get their rewards…


Disclaimer: Items may or may not be added to account, thanks for the money.


I could swear the gold cursed world boss horse barding dropped but I don’t see the mount in my collection. I remember this happening with another mount and it just eventually showed up after a million years.


its horse armor, not a mount

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I actually got the Butcher Mount Armor today for the first time.

It’s called Fresh Meaty Barding.


Seems some folks don’t see the red text showing the item can’t be equipped, but that’s blizzards fault, not theirs

Grats!! i havent gotten it yet but many of my friends got it even before s2

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Oh wow not totally the same thing.

Yeah, no. You can check the thread, screenshots included here n there. Rewards were earned, and claimed, but not unlocked. From armor to town portals.

Support ticket directed you, both in S1 and S2, to post in PC bug. Then it was never even acknowledged.

lol this was me Season 1 when I first read about it. Then Season 2 hit and I was affected

I never get battlepasses mid-level. I got them all before i started playing on the season.

So far, everything is fine.

Never had any issues myself with the battlepass.

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Rewards from premium battle pass are missing - Console Bug Report - Diablo IV Forums (blizzard.com)

The other thread that was completely ignored and still unresolved with missing battle pass items. :frowning:

I bought the basic license because I don’t care about cosmetics. For me, this battle pass is just to take money from people. My focus is on the game itself and not cosmetics…if people were more mature they wouldn’t finance such abusive practices.

The gaming industry is like this because you finance it and then complain about the poor quality of things… the power is with you!

I still regret buying this game that wasn’t even in beta…

Incorrect. Complaining about not getting it at ALL. Bit of a difference there.

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that’s so completely unacceptable of Blizzard to make these purchasable items/packages go away without claiming it, like what? ppl bought it hahahaha. Wild man.