Why do CM's only reply to basic threads & never reply to offline/trading threads?

True. If one enjoys these, there will always be D2.

Arguing with the trolls is a tough thing. But such discussions often lead to productive results in the eyes of the more casual and regular posters/readers who’ll understand that the intended developer design to cut open trading is the right one.


Are you actually advocating for intellectual property theft and setting up illegal servers?

If someone has enough energy to do that, they can just make their own game with the features they want. No need to rip off someone else’s game and deal with the legal shut down issues that will result.


Was just a statement, an eventuality should the right conditions be met.

It is illegal…

People stealing game assets and running illegal servers is one of the reasons companies double down on the online-only model. It helps protect their own assets from intellectual property theft. Ensuring if you want to play the game, you have to buy a legal game key, not use an illegal server.

Your statement only backs the game companies who insist on online only. To prevent just what you said!


But that hasn’t done anything. All it’s done is hurt mod creators and evolving the ARPG genre. There’s constantly asset flipped games selling out there and there’s too many to do anything about.

So that argument is DoA.

@ MissCheetah

The thing is. I extremely dislike the notion, that if a bunch of people are toxic or abusive, that leads to an entire batch of feedback getting shut down and deleted.

Another question:

Also, let’s say online only is a major business descision. I can see why they don’t wanna allow for offline play. DRM.

inb4 the whole “prevent cheating” we all know by now is a big BS. Blizzard didn’t prevent cheating in D3. In fact, they exposed people to cheating and negative experiences, people that would otherwise be playing offline.

Also, the game being open world in a way diminishes the need for an offline version. I’ve been constantly playing games online for the last 12 years, so it doesn’t bother me as much.

However, what does in-game trading has to do with major business descisions?
Are you talking about issues with the IRS and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network?

The way I understand it, as long as Blizzard don’t bring back gold an auction houses, and allow an item to be traded for another items, there are no convertible virtual currencies. Therefore, Blizzard wont have to pay for the special license for convertible virtual currencies. Here are some posts for referrence:

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We’ve supplied this company more than enough money and time to come up with some sort of creative means to protect their assets all while giving the players they want.
Instead we deal with this half baked method instead so we can remain an online statistic for them to sell to their investors.
I feel for the Diablo team, not their boss’s though. The Diablo team will receive paychecks regardless. Unless ofc their pay depends on the success of the game.


I mean you’re not wrong. Encrypting their game could easily prevent any sort of dupes.

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Get a life.



They most likely aren’t replying to it because those topics are completely off the table as far as feedback goes and not subject to debate, offline mode is 99.9% likely to remain a hard, absolute ‘Never’ and limited trading is also extremely likely to not change. There’s no point in addressing them because our feedback on these two topics is not in consideration.

It is regarding the limitation of trading, namely what should be:

  1. Always tradeable
  2. Tradeable once
  3. Not tradeable

For example we know legendary/mythics are not tradeable and this won’t change so that heavy 3rd party deals are avoided, but there are people like me who suggest that gold and crafting materials should be also not tradeable, because otherwise the whales would be able to acquire infinite amount of these and craft/gamble all important items.

I wonder if that would work. If you make an offline character, its always offline and can never be online. Therefore it can’t engage in online trading. If you make an online character then its always online. Two different character types, would that solve the problem of botting and duping and character hacking and economy trashing? It would be giving those players who only want offline play or only occasionally want online play their cake so everyone can eat cake?

Maybe thats too simple of a solution for a complex problem but it seems to me like all the problems could be solved on the character creation screen when you choose softcore/hardcore, standard/seasonal, and offline/online.

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Actually, this is because comments have been disabled across all blogs on the Diablo III community site in order to comply with GDPR. The comment system on blogs functioned off of our old forum system software, which was not GDPR friendly. In order to remain compliant, we had to disable them by the end of the year.

This was communicated in earlier blogs, including our Season 19 preview/now live and Luis Barriga’s letter to the community, and David Kim’s missed the template memo intended to be added to all future blogs because it was being handled in a different vacuum while I was addressing Season 19 launch and 2.6.7a deployment. I’ll get it added today so that that’s clearer.

As for why we aren’t commenting on other Diablo IV development questions and/or threads, there’s already a sticky in this forum explaining our stance and approach to communication regarding our in-development game. You can also join the active discussion here.

The TLDR is it’s too early.

The longer answer is we’ve only just announced; our communication will continue to come in the form of quarterly blogs, the first of which is planned for Q1 next year. We have one more System Design blog in the pipeline that you can expect before we take time off for winter break with our families; that should be coming in the next couple of weeks or so. :slight_smile:


I’m all for privacy, but the EU kinda went and threw the baby out with the bath water with the way they crafted the GDPR. It really is like a virtual noose around a corporation’s digital neck in many regards. Sucks that we have to deal with that even for websites that primarily are US facing simply because they can be accessed from anywhere in the world. :frowning:


It is unfortunate, but it is the price they pay in order to do business globally. So while I don’t like it, I understand.

Wowa, when did you get definitive say on what will and will not happen? Not very often do you let your personal bias get in the way of your rational statements. I understand you don’t really like the idea of full open trading, or heck maybe any form of trading at all but to come out here and say that something is “not going to happen” is way above your “pay” grade. You will most likely be correct, I won’t argue that, but you don’t need to be all authoritative and shut people down that want to hope their voice will be heard and considered.


Majority of us don’t expect you guys to give us info about D4 on daily basis at this stage of development. We know we will get updates when ever you have something big to show us. And we also know you will ask for specific feedback when ever you need it.

In a mean time D3 is looking strong at twitch right now. Great job overall, even if I feel a bit forgotten as DH only player :slight_smile: . This could very well be most popular season in a long time. We need as many D3 players to come back, to easy transit them to D4 when it is ready.


WoW… this is crazy… what is “GDPR friendly” even supposed to mean?!

I can’t wrap my head around the whole thing. So, apparently GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulations, unless I am mistaking.

What sort of data can one gather about an individual from a freaking forum about a video game, were players discuss video games and give feedback and suggestions? You can’t even see their names, because they are hidden behind a pseudo-name a.k.a. a battle tag!!! What the actual f…

Yeah, the EU politicians seem to be completely out of touch with reality, and I am allowed to say it, because I am from the EU.

I am also all for privacy, which is why I don’t have my real name as a battle tag.

What possible data can Blizzard or any other company gather on me from my comments about Diablo games?!
“This person likes to kill, take the posessions of his victims and wear them as trophies, then kill some more… we gotta do something about him!”
Yeah, I guess I’m screwed :blush:

As far as I understand users who make posts are owners of the posts and not Blizzard. So they can ask when ever they want for posts to be deleted for what ever reason they like. What they type is up to them.

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