Why do CM's only reply to basic threads & never reply to offline/trading threads?

Offline’s not happening.

Open trading isn’t happening.

They’ve said it numerous times. Go away with these tired old dead horse topics.

Whether you accept it or not is irrelevant. You have the answer you asked for. Crying about it won’t change it. Take a stand and don’t buy the game.


But if you are running old system that was not build with GDPR in mind… it is not easy to do that. System needs to be highly automated.

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this doesnt mean anything …
What the prob if some people like to play to Diablo liek a trading system ?

I remember when i was young , i played a little WOW and we bringed back some friends to pay the game .
There was 2 brother , one of them was literally obsessed by Market , like he can spend lot of hour as looking price and try to make money …
He find his fun and rly i didnt understood rly before i was 20+ … i am 29.
Now he work for Microsoft , did polytechnicien (ingenieurHL) school in France, he is a great guy i admire .

Now im mature i like to have this way of play the game , like never farm for have a stuff , i’m ok with some thing in a game u cant BUY .

If blizzard continue with the philosophy of D3 with drop item system , u cant literally trade anything , cuz u never drop something ofr other classses .
This is realy bad , i mean i like to drop all item for me , but i prefer they % 2 this system and make us drop some item for other classes …

Point 1 Offline. Offline Mode is not a requirement. Theres 0 benefit for Blizzard to do this. Lets say they do for some silly season. This will then just allow for even more botting then current. Item duping and downloading of the game illegally.
Your Internet being bad isnt a reason to redesign a game model.

So No Thanks to Offline Mode.

Point 2 Trade. Open Trade allows third party seller sites. This completely goes against the intended style of play and ruins the game. Especially if it has leaderboards.
Blizzard shuldnt have to waste resources shutting these websites down. Limited or Restricted Trade where u cant trade BIS works.

So again No Thank you to Open Trade

If you can come up with a magic arguement where offline or open trade negates these issues im all ears but in every thread chatting about these issues. Its I want i want. And no valid arguements are given that combat these issues.

So mark my words. OPEN TRADE AND OFFLINE mode arnt coming.
Blizzard have already said to Streamers in chats they have had its not happening. CMs have no reason to jump on these tjread and reissue the same statement.


propaganda, please leave my thread alone.

So much YES to the OP’s post.


I am simply posting why i believe its not happening. Feel free to discuss or point out why it is or should with arguements combating what i have stated. So far you have not

That’s pretty ironic calling other people trolls when you go on a crusade in every post that suggests free trade.


Oof, just lost so much respect for this woman… Yikes.

That’s fine, Cheetah, if the community doesn’t get the product they want, they won’t get our money either.

It’s amazing to think that D3 isn’t a total failure in almost every regard.

/inb4 “But it sold 20,000,000 copies” skit.

Yes, that is how it works. Blizzard decides what sort of game they are making. We decide if we want to buy it or not.

I learned long ago, no amount of complaining by someone not involved in the decision making, gets things changed. I accept that.

If they make a game with a form of trading I like, I will buy it. Others will make the same decision and vote with their wallets.

Blizzard has been an online only game company now for a very very long time. Expecting that to change is not rational. Just like expecting FULL open trade is not rational given the third party site issues.

Maybe take Blizzard at their word - the game will be online only and have a limited form of trading.

If you have issues with me stating the obvious, so be it.

EDIT - the topics they seem interested in input for seem related to items and in-game systems related to them.


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Don’t just an entire group by the actions of a single individual. That said.

I think Cheetah’s probably got the right idea. Blizzard knows that some systems in previous Diablo games have worked well, while others have failed or caused problems they’d like to avoid. These two systems are key examples and for long-time fans, we’re very familiar with the arguments.

Regarding offline mode, this is done so that Blizzard can maintain it’s IP. It gives them tools to detect and prevent hacking of various types. D1 and D2 players know duping well and how it destroys the gameplay as it was originally designed. Lots of arguments boil down to Blizzard wants control over their game so they’re requiring you to run your commands through their servers to play.

Regarding trading, Blizzard seems to be taking the tack that D3 was too extreme. The smart loot and raining legendaries problem is something they want to fix. Trading lets them lower the drop rates so they don’t need to create ancients (10x rarer) and primals (100x rarer) to keep endgame players grinding. You can make the best items all 100x rarer, but allow players to trade, so you’re not salvaging 99 of them. This builds community and satisfies many old school players. They seem to be compromising by saying that the absolute best items will require you to play to earn them, which is the main pro in the D3 system. You can’t just gear through the trade window. You have to play. It sounds like they want to make the early part of the end-game rapidly accessible for veteran players with a stock of items, but they also want you to have an incentive to play yourself.

This is what they’ve explained at BlizzCon and through various channels since. It’s a design decision that they think is going to have the widest appeal and the best chance of being good for the long-term reputation of the game. Yes, they’re open to new feedback, but do understand they’ve debated both of these things extensively already, which is why most of us think it’s a firm decision at this point.


Is that why nearly everyone on the leaderboards is a bot? It’s a rhetorical question because we all know they’re bots and not having an offline mode has done nothing to stop those people that value their time more than the joy of working towards a goal.

Those people that bot and buy their gear will still exist even if a game is online only. They’ll simply buy accounts with gear that they want and restricting trade does nothing to stop them and only hurts the average consumer.

Having an offline mode only helps the consumer and people with trash internet.

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I’m not saying they’re 100% effective. I’m saying that they feel it gives them more and better control over the game. I think they’d love to figure out how to break the bots. If they can stop it, they’ll do so. The WoW team went through this extensively and repeatedly with macros. They opened up some functionality and players did things they didn’t like, then they changed the system and controlled it. Blizzard has actually gone after the botters with legal charges at points in the past as well.

The Diablo team seems to want to do the same. That’s a valid viewpoint. You don’t have to agree with it, but it the choice they seem to have made this far.

Botting is not the same as hacking and impacting actual game items, characters, etc. Nobody ever said online only stops bots - except those who want to pretend it is somehow related and “failed” so online only should stop. They said it stops item dupes, item modifications, character modifications - and it does that very well.

So, false argument is false.

Botting will continue as long as people can sort out a way to make the game server think the bot program is a real person playing the game.

Dupes, character mods, item mods - are indeed stopped, as intended.


Having an offline mode won’t transfer over to online in anyway. Drops are server based when playing online. Having an offline option is consumer friendly and will only boost sells much like free trading and mod support.

People have explained over and over why most gaming companies don’t do that anymore. Offline mode means releasing ALL the code, including server side, in order to let people play offline. That leads to IP theft, reverse engineering and illegal servers, research into how to modify items/chars that can later be used ONLINE, and of course pirating.

Moving to an online only PC model has not hurt gaming companies financially, it has only helped them. As as a result, chances of that changing are very very slim. If it had hurt sales, they would not all be doing it.

They offer console versions for folks who want offline play.

If you want to try to change the whole gaming industry, and software industry overall, you have a long road ahead of you. The “software as a service” model is extremely widespread.


That’s not true and you know it. Feel free to prove it but I do not believe it. Encryption is so much better than it’s ever been and we’re getting to the point where it’ll be impossible to decrypt encryption codes without quantum computers.

This is a PC game for the PC community. A majority of us including myself don’t own any consoles or mobile phones.

Why do you think its acceptable to tell someone that spent 1k or more on their pc’s to downgrade to an inferior platform to have basic gaming rights such as offline play?

Were one willing, I’d say you could find one’s political leans relative to how they carry on said conversations. In my case, if you read enough of my stuff and come to the conclusion that I’m a liberal/leftist, you would be correct. Unsurprisingly, those I most frequently disagree with convey right-wing philosophies and memery.

From there, consider someone may share a handle across multiple gaming platforms. You can begin to form a profile. If anywhere along your internet footprint is compromised, additional info can then be harvested. It’s at the point where I personally adopt a new nickname every few years with a completely new email just to minimize said risk.