Can we get an offical response about an offline mode from the community manager

They haven’t tried to sweep anything anywhere. You choose not to believe the obvious and hope for something that won’t happen because the words no offline mode have not been said.

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Blizzard will tell you something like this:
Thank you Danteu for your encouragement and ideas for D4, but at this time (or since we learned tragically from offline D2,) Blizzard will never make an offline mode for a major PC game because it enables cheating, duping - gold and gear and other ways to make money for 3rd party sites and individuals etc.

Paul Taulborg or screen name “njaguar” that created D2jsp has made millions of dollars from selling and reselling D2 gear with his created online currency “fg”.
People give him $100 real dollars in exchange for about “120 fg” that you can buy gear from any game supported.

He originally started out with one of the first D2 bots in 2002.

Log into Diablo 2, create bnet toon, find me a person with hacked items. On official bnet servers, not open ones.

Cheating is duping and duping is cheating. Offline doesn’t enable this in an online environment. Flaws in the code and poor security does.

D3 is online only and cheating is still going on.

Uhh, what. Nice history lesson but trading is what you would be after here, not offline mode.

Where did you get these numbers from, is it just a guess?

Too bad Blizzard isn’t protecting their poor PC to console port, mind you shortly after the initial console releases, Diablo 3 development was cancelled. Diablos security on the console, is only as strong as the consoles security. Break the security, break most games.

That’s false, just an assumption. Online can be protected in the same exact manor as it is now(warden), there would just be an offline mode available.
Piracy would be easier, but there are other ways to defend against this. Online DRM is taxing on the consumer and the producer.

That can be completely played from start to finish in a private solo online environment… So the shared world isn’t mandatory. The game is tuned for a single player.
It’s not to much to ask that the online requirement be turned into an option/choice.

We have a thread open on this topic already, it’s probably best if we keep it over there. The devs see what’s up, but this decision most likely isn’t there’s to make.


According to them it is. They want players to experience a world where others exist in. Even if some may want to be alone and play by themselves.

I know misscheeta will come in soon touting the company line. I just want the official CM to come in and reply.

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You won’t get any. There is nothing to discuss. The CMs have no control over design decisions, and there is nothing else to pass to them regarding the topic. Yes, a handful of people advocate for an offline mode. None of their arguments are new. A group of people counter those arguments, their points are not new either.

This topic is a dead horse.

Your first thread asking for a Blue reply to Offline mode DID get a Blue response, but the CM chose not to reply to you directly and pointed out that D4 communications will be in the form of the quarterly blog posts.

You already know what the Devs said about it at Blizzcon.

As a reminder, making threads asking for Blizz or Blue replies, is against the forum guidelines. Welcome! Please Read

Using the words “Blizzard,” “Blue,” or any community team or development team members’ names in a thread topic is frowned upon.

Everyone would like Blizzard to read and acknowledge their post, and we understand that; however, use of such words in the subject line does not help that come to pass. Please make your thread title relevant to the post subject. Threads violating this guideline are subject to deletion.


Look at any decent AAA title that was torrented within first 2 days.
After a week, look at their sales numbers
Then look at the number of torrent downloads on even ONE tracker. And there will be hundreds if not thousands of mirrors.

Millions of people torrent popular titles instead of buying them. There’s even an entire subculture of internet users who invent all sorts of justifications why that’s the right thing to do and why everyone who pays money for games is either a loser or outright public enemy.

And it may not be as big of a problem in US, where mere 30-ish percent will torrent it. But in other countries, like Russia, Egypt or second-rate EU countries - the number goes well over 90%.

There were games that were literally mostly pirated and whose devs didn’t even earn enough money to keep their company afloat. Some of those games are considered all-time classics now, the only problem with them being that nobody actually bought them from the actual developer.

So you’re saying because The Witcher 3 was released on GoG a DRM free service that no one bought the game and it wasn’t a success. Gotcha, you live in a corporate talking points fantasy world.


Maybe you should follow forum rules. It isn’t about toeing the company line.

What forum rules? Go ahead cite them.

I am NOT saying that.
Don’t try to twist things your way.

I am saying, that if you look at torrents - there are actually MORE torrents of Witcher 3 downloaded than copies sold that CDPR reports. It was pirated A LOT.

It could have over twice as many sales as it did, if there was any way to DRM it securely.

Now, it’s still a good game, and it still sold enough copies to be a huge hit for the devs. Note, however, that it’s a Poland studio and prices there are much lower than in US California, so their earnings would seem much higher to them.

It is UNDENIABLE that they would have earned more if there was a safe, unintrusive DRM available. There is no such thing, sadly.
The reason why they chose DRM-free is EXACTLY because secure offline DRM ruin user experience, and they decided to just swallow piracy instead of making their game worse.
Not every company can or is willing to do that. And you can’t expect them to.

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You don’t seem to understand pirates. People pirate games to see if they work on their machines, see if its worth their money and if they do like the game they will purchase them. There are no demos anymore so you can’t find out if a game is good or not before purchase. And if you purchase games digitally you can’t exactly get a refund if say you use steam. That money is refunded to your steam account and not your bank account.

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I already did. :point_up_2: :point_up_2: With both the link and the quote which will cover why your thread very well may get deleted or locked.


No it wont. You’re always proven wrong and have no idea what you’re talking about.

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And then 99% of them don’t buy the real thing, because hey! It already works!

In our days, you can refund games easily if they don’t work on your PC. It has been so for YEARS. I have refunded several Steam games personally, and never had an issue.

No. People pirate games because they don’t want to PAY.


Well no kids are dumb and don’t understand requirements to play a game. So sure lots of little kids and mentally deficient people will download a torrent for a popular game hoping to play it only to find out that they don’t have a video card and the game plays at 3-5 fps or doesn’t load at all.

I assume that was a reply to me, although I can’t be sure. I quote the forum guidelines as you wanted, and you still deny they exist?

I guess I should not be shocked. You seem to deny that the Devs already gave an answer on D4 offline mode.

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yeah, but when a thread reaches 3.5k Replies it’s something exceptional. like thers only one of them in the forums now. at least acknowledge this, no?


Then those “kids” should ask their parents to decide if they can buy that game.
If their parents don’t buy them the game - they shouldn’t be able to play it. Least of all through stealing it.

They were posted above in green so it’s easy to find.