Version Not Supported

Getting the error window Version Not Supported, "You need at least Windows 10 (version 1909) when launching Beta D4. I am running the most recent windows update 22H2. Thoughts to fix?

Immediate thought is: what happens if you launch the starter configured for compatibility mode?

Presumably, when you were invited to the beta, it included details about how / where to report issues with it. Posting about it on the Diablo III forums isn’t the right place.

I have the same problem. But, you have to be able to log into the beta to get to the support window and it doesn’t go that far.

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Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately there were no details in the beta invite. If I had a different solution I wouldn’t have posted here.


There doesn’t seem to be an easy solution at this time… There is rarely support available for the beta (support goes to live games) so… unless something specific comes from Blizzard… beta testers are on their own.

A few links to provide a bit more info…

@Leviathan’s suggestion to use the D3 ticket system is an interesting one, I suppose. You may want to wait until some sort of confirmation that your ticket will be looked after however; ticket response time is pretty long at the moment and Customer Support is swamped… and it’s getting worse. From a few posts on the Blizzard general forums (both for Americas and Europe), it seems that the Battle.Net App is having some issues with Modern Warfare II. And DragonFlight (WoW) will be launching next week… :man_facepalming: :man_shrugging:

Do you have another computer with Windows 10 on it ?


This was it for me. I had my Battlenet launcher set to compatibility mode for some errors with D3 a while back. Unchecking that worked for me.


Windows 10 (version 1909) was a 2019 version that stopped being supported last year.
22H2 v19045 is the latest version. Why would we want to rollback windows?