Diablo IV Closed Beta

I was chosen for D4 Closed Beta. Received confirmation email from Blizzard. Successfully downloaded and installed D4 Beta files. However, upon attempting to access the game, load screen comes up, then an Error Message (Error Code 397006) for me to ‘check network settings’. I have NO issues logging completely into both Diablo 3:Reaper of Souls, or Diablo Immortal PC Open Beta. Please help! I want to provide any help and feedback on this new game asap. I am adhereing to all NDA rules set forth by Blizzard but I needed to reach out to you regarding this matter. Thank you


I had the same problem. Be sure and allow Diablo IV through your firewall… Go to ‘control panel’, click on ‘firewall’, ‘allow app or feature through…’, ‘change setting’… if it’s not in the list, then click ‘allow another app’ and search program files for your DIV installation, add DiabloIV.exe. It also never hurts to do a ‘scan and repair’ through the BNet app…

Hey Furyosity,

This is the Diablo I discussion forum. It’s not D4 and not technical support.

Technical issues in Bliz’s betas are rarely supported. And unfortunately in D4’s case, the only way to submit reports is through an in-game feature.

However, you can submit a tech support ticket under D3 to see if you can get some troubleshooting help. Just be very sure to indicate in the ticket that you a looking for help with the D4 beta. Support ticket times are running long at the moment (about 7 days) so it might take a bit before you get a response.

Wish it was still open