The Community List

I know, I´m always right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But hey.
Let´s do it (at least this Time) together :slight_smile:

The Goal is is simple :slight_smile:
Just share us the Musik you like.

Show our Dev´s your Interestes :+1:
The Musik you like, wich Artstyle you might pref. and what really interests you =)

Give us some Hints :slight_smile:

As Start I go with two Song´s :slight_smile:

First is the good old “Black Sabbath” :smiley:

As sec. a Vid frome Fire Brigade =)

Pls keep it civil :slight_smile: :sunflower:

Make this a Place who everyone whants to be a Part of it and show us your fav. Metal, your most heared Musik while playing the Game (as long as it is no Rap or Hip Hop) , ever =)

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this is my go to grind session tunes atm


First I thought i would keep this for later …

But Yea =)



Ireally love both of this Songs :smiley:

So …grabbing even deeper , I got this out of the Box :smiley:

So as this :eyes:

For real …

I saw this f.ucki*** Guy !
He was on a Gig together with “Deep Purple” here … And for real.
That was so cool. You could see 13 Year old and 80 Years old rock together to the same Musik :eyes:
That was just Mind blowing


A very small sample from my list. :slight_smile:

Dire Straits - Industrial Disease
Emerson, Lake and Palmer - Take a Pebble
Foo Fighters - The Pretender
Rush - Stick it Out
The Fixx - Deeper and Deeper
Yes - Hold On

Yep, I’m rocking the dad and grandpa rock, but I love it. :wink:


I basically like everything that is melodic or has a nice rhythm to it, regardless of the genre, whether it be Rock, Techno, Punk, Euro Dance, Hip Hop, Pop, Ska or Retro Stuff, etc.

I have a few playlists of songs I like on my Youtube Channel

Rock / Metal / Punk

Euro Dance (ahhh, the 90’s…)

Trippy Music


Stan Getz - Baia

Miles Davis - So What

Genesis - Foxtrot full album

Joni Mitchell - Hejira full album

Concrete Blone - Joey

Leon Bridges - River

King Crimson - The Court of the Crimson King


Diablo Swing Orchestra - pretty much everything, really difficult to pick any one piece as an example… well:

Therion, esp. the classicalised bits, such as

These German comedians are also pretty fun: (I would enjoy them much more if I would understand German though).

Rodrigo y Gabriela are also quite fun, anywhere from

And, of course, the classics:

Just a tiny slice, yeah.


Today we go with 3 Video´s

The First one, should be something, everyone is familiar with =)

Good old Deep Purple

As the second Clip, i thought i place this a bit more in our Time, to show the Jungsters, that the same trench Wars, where fought as long as we exist ^^

And the third and last one :smiley:

Even though frome 2020 … this feels exactly like in the early 2000 :smiley:
Get Young again


thank you very much for creating something different :+1:



But a Community-Projekt can never stand on it´s own, if there is no Community behind it :slight_smile: :sunflower:

So it will take all of us, to creat something, where everyone wants to look into and enjoy new and old Songs alike.
Finding new Bands, you have never heard of before or seeing, how close our Taste´s are.
And maybe … Yea. Maybe even some of our CM´s , our (sadly) unknown Mod´s or Dev´s might drop in and show us, which Songs carry them through theyr hard Days or what they like to come down, after a long stressfull Week.

For me it is just this Song :slight_smile: :sunflower:
After a hard Week nothing sooth my Hearth more as to hear it in the Gaarden behind the House.

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Pretty awesome stuff. Rockstars’s Record Label. Maybe for GTA6?

I still like to listen Solomun, from GTA5.

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And another Rock-Song :slight_smile:

This Time something new, frome the Beginning of this Year.


As German and as someone who likes Punk, i thought it might be a good Idea to combine this :slight_smile:

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My little contribution :


Rotting Christs didn´t sayed me anything … so this alone is worth the Thread, to look into a new Band, that might be really cool :slight_smile: :sunflower:

So we go with another well known for now :slight_smile:

And a bit back to Rock

This is a fun one, but pretty much anything by The Enigma Tng makes for good grinding music.

Uff …

But a hard to swollow Pill :smiley:
Esp the Beginning was quite like an Ankor, that tryed to get me down ^^

Even if I appritiate the Song (and esp the Nightcore Part ! ), I would take something more positive =)