QoL about forums

Just delete some threads were the original player don’t answer after one month?

Or auto-lock the threads that 3 months old without a new post.


I don’t know what is the better solution but I’m agree with your idea.

I don’t know about locking threads after 3 months. Miss Cheetah’s Tavern thread can go about that long without a post and then someone might find it or someone who has posted in it before will post something whether it’s a life change or new recipe or seeing an old friend or relatives you haven’t seen in a while. Then the thread becomes active again for a few days, then goes dormant and back and forth it goes.

A thread like that shouldn’t have to be remade over and over again.

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Something needs to be done about the necromancers bringing back the dead from two years ago.


It’s a good thread.
No animosity.

Like The Community List


I think she hangs out on the D2R forum now.


She’s there a lot and puts up with a lot of abuse. I see her coming back soon.

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Not sure why was certain Blizzard forum has this feature though.

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Have active forum moderators maybe?

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Moderators are active, they do their job :slight_smile:

Maybe give them more power?

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More powers?


To lock threads, move threads, make stickies, keep things current. Anyone remember the Vault Network? Those kind of moderators.

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They did/do when it’s really necessary.

If members/players are too dumb to find the good forum/section…

New post:


If you pay for the DLC, you should get full use of the product. :slightly_smiling_face: