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This won’t get you down :slight_smile:

Jepp def. not ^^

Not esp. because of the Song, but of the Band itself, wich is quite like a Meme :smiley:

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And while we are already in the Weekend, have some Time, a Beer or Fish … and enjoy this =)
(Even if alredy some Weeks old … dont mind the smell)


Ah, I know that song and the video. I have seen it years ago.
It is weird but also mesmerizing at the same time.


This is one of my favorite EDM tracks of all time.
Very, melodic and rhythmic:

Out of all the rock genres, Punk is my favorite.

It is not about the message, but it has a certain swing, a wave, a flow or whatever to it.
I don’t have the correct words for it since I am not proficient with the academic terms for these, but I like that it is fast, intense and rhythmic & melodic.

In a way it has similarities to classical music:


A few months ago I also discovered Powermetal, and some of it is really fun

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Loving it.

Oh, now we have a music thread in US, too? Didn’t expect that, but as the Mods seem to approve it …

I’ve heard rumors that Nightwish is comparatively unknown in the States … that needs to be changed, imho. This is the usual song to start with:

But there are a lot of other great ones, for example “Greatest Show on Earth”. I really like the spoken “Intro” of chapter II there, (i’ts at ~6 minutes into the song)

The cosmic law of gravity
Pulled the newborns around a fire
A careless, cold infinity in every vast direction
Lonely farer in the Goldilocks zone
She has a tale to tell
From the stellar nursery into a carbon feast
Enter LUCA

That’s just a wonderful way to begin telling the story of our planet …


Thought it might be worth to share this fine culture :slight_smile: :sunflower:

But your Name without the green Color …
Is kinda confusing

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Am I the only one that does not listen to music when I play video games? I even have the music in the game turned off.

I don’t dislike music. I just don’t like playing video games with music on. I can’t work with music on either though, so maybe it is just a concentration thing for me.

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No, you’re not the only one.

Some can play and work with music, some can play but can’t work with, some can’t play but can work with (I’m in this “category”) and finally, some can’t play or work with!

Music is constantly playing for me, I prefer the in-game soundtrack when playing Diablo but will sometimes throw on some techno and go bang out some Rifts.

If I’m working in the yard, walking the dogs, running, fixing stuff around the house whatever, I’m normally playing music, just ask my neighbours! :laughing:

Have a great weekend!

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I really like the Ambient/Martial/Neofolk/Noise styles.

These three tracks marked me:

ps: it’s hard to choose only 3 tracks :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t give you more than 1 “like”, so…


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Some awesome additions to my playlist. Great list so far.

Joop :slight_smile:

The Songs in this Thread alone, would make a great List so far.

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That’s a great track!

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When my wife says Did you do the dishes I say Leave me alone I am playing Diablo.