Season 23 | The Disciples of Sanctuary | Has Ended

I guess the real question is “Blizzard, why do you HATE the Witch Doctor so much?”.


So we got a 2 weeks PTR but.

Firebird was too bad and bug so they up it fix some thing and now you nerf it more than the first version from PTR :thinking:.

New rathma was first look only Army of the dead build then only bone spirit build and now only army of the dead but without any test :face_with_monocle:.

It look like PTR was completly useless and you just put random number for up/nerf :rofl:


The Portrait looks cool tho :thinking:

Season 22 ends on Sunday 28th March.
Season 23 starts on Friday, 2nd April.
That means Patch 2.7.0 has to be applied on Tuesday, 30th March.

So what happened to…

If something terrible is found in Tuesday’s patch, that essentially just leaves Wednesday / Thursday to develop and apply an emergency fix before a long Easter weekend?



Avarice, boss mode, and divinity are the conquests for me to complete guardian for the new pet and portrait frame.

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I actually want to try the new Rathma now. Never used Army of the Dead so that should be interesting. I’ll likely go Demon Hunter multishot as second character as I like it and am used to it. Never found a wizard build that played nice to me but am glad that Firebird seems easier… it might not be.

Oh well. Will be neat to take the followers along for a change.

Oh, and umm, a Lacuni? Yep! I already know that’s my wife’s #1 goal.

Will there be a new era in non season with resetted rankings? I didn`t read about it anywhere.

Wow, you guys felt the need to nerf a follower skill? Followers still need a lot more buffing in the damage and defense departments.

We continue to have lost the only pet set for Necromancer, but hopefully the changes to AotD bonuses will allow us to not have to use Bone Spirit.


No. I just, when playing a Necromancer, don’t play solo so the follower was never used.

Now I will.

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Sorry, wanted to reply to the topic and replied to you by mistake.

I don’t actually care. I was looking forward to playing Firebird, and once again they only have a sledgehammer for tuning.
I’ll probably make a quick WW Barb a week later when I can get an easy PL, grab the rewards and go play something else.


Scalpel? What’s that? All adjustments made are made using a mystical sledgehammer. Sorry I couldn’t help myself.


I am just glad the season launch during Easter holiday. Would have preferred this week, but this is second best I guess.
First season in a long time that seems worth playing, due to the altered follower system.


Great callout. Launches will be updated to reflect CEST timing to hit that 5pm timeframe. Thanks!



6 piece multiplier (2000% + 100%) / (4000% + 100%) = ~0.512
Combustion stacks damage (50 * 3000%) / (100 * 7500%) = 0.2

Overall nerf down to ~10% power of what it was on the PTR. I understand it was overperforming but slice the damage by 10?!


I ask again: Will we get new/fresh rankings?

Can you please iterate more on this change?

  • Teleport - Adjusted Wizard’s Teleport animation speed.

Did y’all reduce or increase the animation speed? Can you say specifically what was changed on it? This can be something major just hiding in the shadows.

Eras will be reset once the 2.7.0 patch goes live.

The change/update is intended to increase the speed (buff) of the teleport.


Firebirds will still be good?

I really don’t understand the brutal nerf of the Firebird set.
It was performing allright, on per with the top sets. It is now useless AGAIN.