Wenn is the Era ending

With patch rollout or when saison 23 starts ?


Patch is going live today.

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Thank you can be close :wink:

How long has the current era actually lasted? I don’t usually pay much attention to eras in general but this one feels like it’s been never-ending.

Also I have a nagging suspicion that the WD nerf in patch 2.7.0 is a side-effect of this excessively long era. When the Spirit Barrage build was previously nerfed (by fixing a very old bug) people begged an era reset because the build no longer could ever match the pre-nerf clears and it didn’t happen. Are those original clears still skewing the balancing?

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WRONG i dont see it up

What does one mean by the era of the game? I honestly have no clue.

Era is the Non-Season Leaderboard resets. They don’t happen as often as Seasons resets. They happen when there is a larger patch that impacts game balance.

Ah, makes sense then. Thanks.