The new Firebird Nerf

I suspect they copied the Archon teleport coding, is what they mean. It’s a fix we’ve been asking for for several years. But seriously, there was nothing wrong with the animation speed. The problem was the hard cooldown. But why wouldn’t they say the cooldown?
Adjusted Wizard’s Teleport animation speed
Could it be possible they screwed this up too?

I want to do at least 125 on every wizard board.

I know I can do Vyr’s, DMO, Typhon’s, and LoD no problem. Those ones should all be 1-keys for 125, so I’ll start at 125 and push up from there.

Tal’s will be a bit trickier, I know Tal’s Twisters is probably best but I’d rather do Tal’s FO. I did a 120 with Tal’s FO in under 10 min on PTR, so I should be able to one-key a 122 or 123 and then push up from there. Shouldn’t take a ton of effort to hit 125 (hopefully).

FB shouldn’t be too much of a struggle for 125? I did a one-key 135 on PTR with a good time. And with a sub-optimal build. That’d translate to a 120-121 with the nerfs. So I don’t think it’ll be too much of a struggle for me if I optimize a bit, but we’ll see.

Yep, I am bracing for impact. Surprisingly very little comments on the patch notes.

Both the excessive FB decrease and Teleport could a little more … explanation? validation?

Thus far, the only explanation we got was regarding teleport, which was:

Tal FO! Exactly my thought. I’m psyched to push that one as well! The issue with this one is the toughness I think. Should be pushing in close to 130@2kp at great effort and good play. 125 is a reasonable goal there. I cleared a 119 with FO many seasons ago (OID version).

I updated my rating for FB mirror image to GR133+@2kp, based on my PTR clears and the decrease. GR130 should be reasonably easy to achieve…with full augments. :man_facepalming:

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Do you think they buffed the animation instead of removing the hard cooldown? At the risk of being toxic, could they be that incompetent?

I really need to walk away. Etched Sigil, Firebird’s, and Winter Flurry is enough.


If I’m being completely honest, I doubt they’ll ever get rid of the that cd that teleport has even with max combustion stacks or aether walker equipped.

Take a slight break from this madness, but try not to lose heart over it. Remember, #WizDog.

Toxic risk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: gotta love it.

Maybe they are just taking problems on one at a time. Can’t wait to test it!

Developer’s Note: Firebird’s Finery is due for a rebirth.
Really? This is some rebirth… LOL


ya not happy with the nerfs being applied for S23. clearly not listening to streamers who are our voice in the community. tired of necro every freaking season. whether its rats or bone spear, i think im done. after last seasons epic power creap, this season will just feel potato without something new to play in meta. this game is 8 yrs old an the devs are worried about a power creap on the last season? really? way to go out with a blast.

Yeah the animation was bad. So most likely. With fb or AW u got no cd. It would be nice if its as fast as dashing but i doubt thatxD

So they put the genie back into the bottle and re-seated the cork. The one thing that is semi decent is TR6/FB4 will at least be tanky compared to pure TR6. T-16 with no fear of death.

Thanks guys you sank my battleship.

As a long time monk and barb player I was really looking forward to play firebird in s23.
Tested it on ptr and yes of course it was strong / too strong. A nerf was unavoidable but THIS is simple shooting with missiles on bugs. There are so many Streamers with suggestions and fk these guys play the game a lot.
The strongest build on PTR was with legacy etched sigil. it was fixed as stated in the final patch notes. and then on top an nearly 15Gr nerf to the set ???
2p from 7500% to 3500%-4000% / 100 stackes remain untouched / and 6p maybe from 4000% to 2500% or 3000% would haven been nice imo. But cutting erverythin in half is too much.
I knew it would be nerfed, anyway I wanted to play fb in s23 … I will do it with this nerfs too. cant wait for patch to test it nonseason and compare to my frenzybarb.
Pitty blizz doesnt listen to ppl who have more feeling about the right tweaks a build / set needs.

Looking forward to playing this - now not so much.
Why do you squeeze the fun out of this game Blizz?

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Time to look for Wilson(?) or something…
Screw this garbage…

So sad to see Blizzard dig there own grave. Offcourse its needed a nerf, but you litterly smash it to the ground.

Get this build back up and let i be what it is, so we can make a battle againts rat runs ffs. There is a reason why Path of exiles are ahead of you by miles!

This is finally my move to POE.

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It seems fitting that, for a Phoenix-inspired design, it should be “nerfed” to the ground, set ablaze, and then allowed to resurrect itself. There’s no telling whether some during-season change might be made - its not likely probably - but I think it seems more playable than before from a pure dexterity perspective: less smash more class.

Want to throw my “oof” into the mix.

I followed the discussions around the revamped Firebirds set and hoped that the nerf wouldn’t be severe. Of course, this is D3, so all hopes get dashed.

Here’s hoping this and all your other sets get buffs in the near future.


I don’t think this nerf is worth quitting the game over. It is definitely a kick to the groin and a elbow to the jaw. However, it is a more mobile, more damaging, and more flexible version of Helltooth. See for yourself:

Many will still play it. I’ll play it a bit when I get all of the pieces with proper stats. Those chasing extreme efficiency pick other options.

Actually it was nerfed about 24 times, not just 10, because legacy Etched Sigil was fixed not to buff Firebird’s damage and all top clears on PTR used legacy Etched Sigil, which provided additional 150% damage increase.

So it means 20 tiers nerf, not 15. I have no words.