2.7.0: Adjusted teleport animation speed

Is this it? Did they finally do it? Faster teleport animation? I’m guessing they just sped up the animation but didn’t remove the forced cooldown, but still. An improvement!

Really curious what this will actually look like in practice. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Teleport - Adjusted Wizard’s Teleport animation speed.


This is probably the first time in a while that I wanted the patch out now, just so we could test and see.


I see several hours of frame-by-frame playback of teleport animations in my future. Was really hoping I wouldn’t have to do that again…


Be careful… “adjusted” can also mean they made it slower :smiley:


Looks like we may not have to worry about that:

But anything can happen, so I won’t be too optimistic on that.


Moar Speed is welcome, but I’d rather they fix the damn pathing.

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They also nerfed the set by a factor 10 it’s weaker than the first iteration, I only hope the stacks increase decrease like version 2.

Lower inner cool down, any chance we get a new overhaul of the spell?

Honestly, I bet it’s similar to Vyr Chantodo now.

They changed the animation to -10 frames. The game knows where you want to teleport and does so, you then have 10 frames to press the button or the game crashes (because you created a time paradox).


Now we get to bump into walls and corners faster! :exploding_head:

If only they could also fix the pathing issues of these mobility skills.


Animation fixes though, not pathing issues. Still, would be nice!

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On first glance:

  1. the animation is definitely faster

  2. my first impression is that it doesn’t seem to scale with attack speed, it’s just overall faster (I haven’t done any frame analysis though)

  3. cooldown is still there

  4. it still feels better overall

  5. there seems to be some sort of bug with Aether Walker + Cosmic Strand + Calamity rune. I’m seeing three teleports (and two resource cost hits) per cooldown cycle. Looks like with that setup, in between cooldowns you get three teleports (two that cost resource and one freebie) instead of two teleports (one that costs resource and one freebie). I’m not seeing this with other combinations (other combinations seem to get what you’d expect), so far it seems to be specific to that Aether Walker + Cosmic Strand + Calamity rune combination (I didn’t see it with other runes either). I’m okay with this existing as it’s great for Sprinter if you can sustain the extra resource cost. But it definitely seems like a bug! I’ll probably break the wiz club rules and report it…


Testing v2.7.0.74291:

Cast unruned Teleport continuously using Aether Walker.


  • 8 Frame Animation sequence; Character moves on the 8th frame.
  • 30 Frame GCD for Teleport.

~1.24 APS

  • 8 Frame Animation sequence; Character moves on the 8th frame.
  • 30 Frame GCD for Teleport.

~1.98 APS

  • 8 Frame Animation sequence; Character moves on the 8th frame.
  • 30 Frame GCD for Teleport.

Also tested interlacing Signature casts with Teleport. I am guessing these are on separate lockouts after the first part of the animation resolves, meaning we can get a decent amount of value (saving frames needed) by casting signatures or speed co=1 spells after teleport.

If the first part of the signature animation conflicts with the teleport command (or vice versa) though, I think the game makes us wait for the first one queued to resolve.

Hard to analyze that sequence.

In the very least, appears that it does not scale with AS. 8 frames is pretty darn quick too!

EDIT (minutes later):

Just tested wormhole. Keep in mind this is only confirmed on a few casts of wormhole (holding down the teleport button), so needs verification.

  • 8 Frame Animation sequence; Character first moves on the 8th frame.
  • 12 Frames later Character has moved a second time.

So, the usual lackluster and completely-missed-the-issue fix Wizards are used too! At least they are consistent.

Have you tried it? Feels amazing! Nephalem rifting right now with Wormhole and Aether Walker and I can’t keep up.

Of the top 3 fixes to Teleport, the animation ranks no higher than #5. Better than nothing, I suppose.

Yep, now I get stuck on corners and ground cracks smoother than ever.


Pathing would be #1 :stuck_out_tongue: 2, 3 and 4 I’d put at hard CD, soft CD, and rune selection.

Yep. #5 from Tinne’s comment will need a fix. I will test it as well.

Oh good I’m glad someone else did this haha.

It didn’t before, regular teleport had a fixed animation length. It was the Archon Teleport that scaled with IAS (since 2.4.3). And it appeared it still did in 2.7.0 (I tried it briefly with a 2-handed mace and it felt slow compared to with a 1-hander + Vyr4).

It used to be 32 frames from the initial keypress to the second movement with Wormhole.

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