S-19 Group Join Bug

You are cornfused Lloyd,
The join bug began in September like Meteorblade shared above in posts.

You are wrong about Friday S19 start being a bug.

Friday is the day for D3 Season start! Yeah!

I might be totally wrong about the bug starting this weekend. Apparently I am.

But it doesn’t invalidate that making a software release on Friday night is a bad idea.

I will say no more. If you can’t understand that with my explanation above, I guess we just won’t understand each others, like 2 mute making deaf languages sign to blind people…

It was in development for at least 3-5 years before that.

Not the issue.

This bug has been a problem for MONTHS.

This did not just start with this season.


I want to thank Matthew_Cederquist again for taking the time to respond to my original post. I waited about 14 - 16 hours before making the original post. It was out of frustration that lead to the original; the frustration of trying to help fellow players in-game without any measure of success that was permanent.

One small observation:
I noticed that the group join bug and lag would get really bad when the number of participants in the community chats get in the 800-3000 range. For example,
the “power leveling” and “bounty runs” community chats hit 2800 and 1400 respectively, at one point. The sheer volume of players online probably made server/network lag and the bug much worse.

I’ll have to test your method.

Lloyd has a point about Friday night releases. Most developers, or at least a contingent sub-group of developers, would usually have to prepare to be on-call or camp-out in the office if there is a Friday night release. IT departments around the globe have had to deal with the same kind of issue when it comes to roll-outs. Typically IT management selects the weekend so that there is almost no employee down time. The means long weekends and sleep deprived IT staff in the office at the crack of dawn on Monday mornings, all to handle bugs and other unplanned issues. All IT staff (support staff in general) hate this, but its part of the job. It might be worth having some sort of on-call rotation during the season start weekend. The same could said for the network team, forum mod team, and the folks like Nev. (or some of here co-workers).

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Just because seasons go live on a Friday night, doesn’t mean the servers are patched on a Friday. Unless they’re emergency fixes for exploits, patches are applied to the Diablo III servers during scheduled maintenance windows on a Tuesday. Also, as Nevalistis has posted elsewhere, they are now leaving at least a week between a season ending and the next one starting so, season ends on a Sunday, patch is applied the following Tuesday, and the next season starts a week on Friday, i.e. they have over a week between the patch going live and the next season starting, leaving them plenty of standard workdays to resolve issues.

Of course, Diablo III is a live, customer-facing, 24-7 software as a service thing which means they absolutely should have people on-call for issues experienced at any time of the day / night / weekend for when stuff breaks, but they don’t tempt fate by releasing patches on a Friday.


Yeah this bug needs to be fixed ASAP, and it needs to be the priority right now. It is ruining the seasonal start experience when it’s the best time to group with friends and clan mates as you’re gearing up.

Nothing more frustrating than seeing someone advertise “Free bounty turn in - request invite” only to see that your request invite is grayed out.

I’ve tried the suggested work arounds such as deleting the cache, but the problem persists.

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Hey all,

I wanted to give an additional update on where we’re at. We currently have a fix for the issue but it has to go through testing on our end today at 4:00PM PST. From there, if the fix works as expected, we can push it live.

We’ll keep you informed as much as possible.

Thanks again


Good, hope it works as most people on my list are hit by the bug daily… they are annoyed by it just like myself

What about the bug that causes Barbs lost all kill streak buff if triggers Nerves of Steel?

This is awesome news Matthew.
I thin you should just push it right away, you can’t make it worse :slight_smile:

Another quick update -

During testing we couldn’t reproduce the party issue once our fix was in, which is a good thing. We’ll continue to do a bit more testing on Clans/Communities and Friends list.

We’ll provide an update tomorrow.


please for god sake fix this. i cannot play with my friends 50% of the time…

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I am so blown away Matthew that you guys are at this point in the process in fixing this horrible issue!

Thank you for your hard work.
I’ll bet you had to pull teeth to get the Battlenet Team to even listen to you!

It is most probably battle.net related bug. Am I wrong?

It is without a doubt the Battlenet Team created the bug.

Has the bug been fixed?

Grouping with friends and clan mates bad the past few days

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just logged in and 90% of my friends list is still in the same state as yesterday… so i guess not.

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Great news Matthew. Please keep the updates coming. :slight_smile:

Should be a priority for those that can’t play at all , to be able to…