Randomly Losing Flurry TR Channel

This is now a known issue that Blizzard plans (hopes?) to fix in a future patch, and will try to address with a hotfix this season, if they can.


I have been trying to recreate the teleport problem people have been reporting with Flurry, but haven’t been able to reproduce it.

But in the process I have noticed that Flurry will just explode randomly, as if I had stopped channeling it, even though my finger never leaves the button.

You can reproduce this in town by channeling Flurry for awhile, and moving around in circles or back and forth.

I have tried several combinations of skills, and moved TR from Right to Left MB, and then to the keyboard. And it hasn’t made any change in how often this occurs.

In fact I couldn’t detect any clear pattern.

I am beginning to think it might be network related, like a dropped packet. During all these tests the in game ping indicator was always green.


i loose stacks at certain enemy types, eg spiders but also some hardhitters even when i’m under epi (have 100%) uptime. have not had the problem in town, but right now i push with swk setup since i have no good supporting items for poj.

This is nothing new. It’s slated to be fixed with the new 2.6.7a patch.

It may not be new but it is not what is described in the hotfix. I am not using Electric Field, I am using Flurry, and I am not seeing teleportation of any kind.

I hope it is fixed in some miraculous way, but I doubt it. :crossed_fingers:

Here is a vid of what I described in the OP.

I just tried this and I get the same reults as you do, your not crazy. Moving your mouse side to side rapidly seems to reset the flurry stack for some reason. And your right, there’s not mention of this in upcoming patch, just that the static would stop the random teleport, and flurry explosion will benefit from set damage. As more players notice this, I’m sure Nev will see the posts and relay the issue to Devs to fix.

The patch is live and I’m using Flurry Rune with POJ set. The fix that gives 6 piece damage to the flurry explosion works perfectly. I never have this issue in town, but the issue is I’m getting stacks reset randomly in a GR, so 1) It’s not the full 100 stack damage, and 2) it’s not being buffed by Cesar’s Momento, because I didn’t get a chance to blind before it randomly reset.
I’m going to try to do some research to see what can reset tempest rush.

hmm I found this post on the old forum saying that movement speed cancels tempest rush randomly. They said with a speed pylon they lose stacks often. I’m going to try playing without Vengeful wind then. Since Vengeful Wind adds a lol of movement speed. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/20742444153

edit: Yes! I think it’s the movement speed buff! I got into a GR with Ingeom and WKL equiped - no Vengeful Wind - and the stacks did not reset! I got an error saying Diablo Game service wasn’t available. Probably some bug with the new patch or they’re resetting stuff. I was only able to do a full cycles before the popup came, but it seems to be fixed! This means that Sunkeeper is probably one of the better weapons to use, because it has elite damage. I hope I figured it out lol, because I REALLY want this build to work!



With higher movement speed my Flurry stacks reset on a whim. That’s one big issue.

Adding that this has nothing to do with getting hit - since this even happens under Serenity

Really, really frustrating, it loses you GR pushes.

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Interesting find. However, if you can’t stack movement speed via vengeful wind on PoJ, what benefit does PoJ have over SWK?

SWK has a higher multiplier, but PoJ now should have extra elite damage from sunkeeper + attack speed rolls whenever possible (since they buff TR damage, and that PoJ has enough regen to keep up TR with more attack speed).

Will these enough to close the difference in the damage multipliers between the two sets?

Yeah, I played a lot those past days coz I dig this new build (change !!!) but it is really frustrating to randomly teleport and lose the stack when u have those 2-4 elites packs aggro’ed and u r about to shoot when cold shows up on CoE …

So annoying, I wish they could fix it, soooo bad ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad I found this. I haven’t played D3 in a very long time and never at a high level, but came back a week ago and started messing with the new set. Got my gear more or less in order and started pushing.

Managed to finish a 97 in time last night, not even realizing the explosion was bugged and that the teleporting during epiphany was not intended. This is going to be huge, probably get another 20 levels or more with the same gear now.

Yeah this has been a problem earlier, forgot about this. Guess it never got fixed

Have you put this in a post at the bug report forum?

Good catch btw😊

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Just copy / pasting from my reddit post.

Patterns of Justice was fixed (Flurry works now), but don’t use Vengeful Wind. The movement speed makes flurry stacks drop early!

Hey all. Since the beta, Patterns of Justice Tempest Rush has been my baby. I was testing it when a GR 86 was too much to ask. Now I’m happy to announce we’re able to 1-shot elites in 110+! Here is the video explaining why you should never use Vengeful Wind with the Flurry Rune with the Justice set, and it shows some game play in a GR 109:

To do this you use the Tempest Rush rune, Flurry. You get 100 stacks and then hit blind (to buff Cesar’s Memento bracers for 800% damage) and the explosion from canceling 100 stacks tempest rush will one shot a trash pack or chunk an elite hard. Or in some cases one shot an elite.

The issue is that people were getting Flurry stacks reset randomly. So you’d never get up to 100 stacks unless you were lucky. For this build to do well, you need to cancel Tempest Rush at 100 stacks, in a good position, after hitting Blind, and if you use COE it has to be on Cold cycle. I use unity instead, but we’ll see if I can learn how to play without it ;).

So I did some searching on google, and found a post on the old official forums saying that when players got a big movement speed buff like a speed pylon, their Tempest Rush would reset. Basically that’s what’s making Patterns of Justice not work with the fist weapon, Vengeful Wind. Vengeful Wind gives us 13 stacks of Sweeping Wind, and with the Justice set every stack of Sweeping Wind gives 5% movement speed. This buff to movement speed will act like a Speed Pylon! So basically you have to use Sunkeeper instead of Vengeful Wind. Which means we are no longer a TR / SW build. Tempest Rush is really all that’s getting buffed here.

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There is a post in the bug report forum. I added my 2 cents to it. :slight_smile:

I think movement is related to the problem, but is not the sole cause.

I’ll have to make some more videos to demonstrate, but I think a change of direction while channeling is involved and possibly some other unknown interaction with objects/creatures/npcs might be the root cause of this.

Also one oddity I have noticed when this happens is that TR on your skill bar enters a cooldown state. At least it shows the cooldown animation, even if it isn’t in cooldown.


not fixed at all bad job

Isn’t blinding flash optional since we have all of the sweeping wind runes, we are already freezing enemies constantly from Master of Wind.

That said I’ve been using it anyway for the 29% dmg buff.

Here is an updated vid from 2.6.7a.

I start with min run speed, then switch to a set-up with +70% run speed.

Notice how often Flurry drops when I try to keep my cursor on the same interactable object (banner, waypoint, npc).

I have no idea what the heck is going on.

You can also see that when Flurry does end, the TR skill icon on my skillbar goes through a reset animation, even though it doesn’t prevent me from continuing to use TR.

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Well they did fix WKL. You cannot even manually teleport with epiphany while channeling TR. Have to stop channeling then you can CS teleport.

Like you said in the Bug Report KingCheetah, it may be network related. Desync between server and client. Ever play D2 pvp? High movement speed characters like charger and frenzy barb would desync like a mofo.

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After the patch I don’t seem to drop the flurry stacks anymore in town, but I notice when im attacking and there’s a lot going on, my monk would auto attack randomly and occasionally which causes my stacks to reset. This set is still buggy. Can’t play then won’t play the new set i guess.

Didn’t drop in town before now dropping like crazy, dropping about 4x more than it did pre patch.

Broken worse after 2.7.6a for me!

It seems to drop off less when on keyboard than mouse. Of course keyboard is a much more frustrating playstyle for the rest of the keys to use. Also holding shift a bit during the initial cast seems to help a bit too.

Otherwise it’s clear the patch didn’t have anything to do with fixing that, rather fixed the 6pc damage bonus from coming off, it’s still buggy af.