Patch 2.6.7a Known Issues (Updated: 11/21)

Patch 2.6.7a is now live in all regions. For more information about this patch, please view our Patch Notes here.

Below is a list of currently known issues in Patch 2.6.7a. We are aware of these cases and actively working on resolving them. If a resolution has been deployed via hotfix, we’ll update this thread accordingly. Please note some issues may need to be resolved in a future patch.

Last Updated: November 21 @ 1:00 PM PT


  • Fist of the Heavens (Divine Well)
    • The holy bolts generated by Divine Well do not always deal damage
    • We will likely address this issue in a future patch


  • Tempest Rush (Flurry)
    • Players who turn very quickly (180 degrees or more) may lose their stacks of Flurry
    • Workaround: While we intend to address this in a future patch, avoiding extremely quick/flick turns can mitigate the impact of this issue.