PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue | Has Ended

Here are the logs from the season:
Season D3Debug.txt
Season D3Prefs.txt

Test #2 - maximised video & sound settings (gRift tier 120)

D3Debug.txt : Boubou's D3Debug #2 -
Video Settings :
Sound Settings :

Ran very well… GPU max temp around 61°C which is normal for my system. No issue with performance and sound.

Only hiccup occurred at 09:23 when I clicked on my 1st pylon; there was a brief freeze before the monsters appeared (my follower is wearing Nemesis bracers). There were no similar freeze for the other pylons in the gRift. There seems to be many errors in the D3Debug.txt files… a lot more than I expected to find given the smoothness of the game.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the PTR Pop-Up; I do hope that the results I am providing will be helpful if nothing else to confirm what you are already seeing. Hopefully, the modifications you have made for the PTR will be scalable to the Live environment.

Cheers !


Software developer here. My observation has been that it happens on the way to a crash and I first start noticing it in very dynamic situations, using crowd effect skills and blowing up dozens of mooks at once. Once it stats, for me, a crash usually follows.

This season is the first time i’ve seriously played monk and my first decent speed build, i’m having fun just hosting plvl games, intermixed with grifting and bounty runs. i also run a sniper builds a lot. Having found this thread after discovering the ptr was live i just went back to start a new ptr game, did “join game”, waited long enough to type these comments and surf the web some, and then got a client disconnected message. I’ll see if i can locate the logs.

is the fix going to address everything causing freezing…including but no limited to, sound, certain specs, area damage etc??

Still lagging.

Played for little more than an hour on Firebirds Wizard running GR120’s one after another.

Absolutely the best game play experience I have had for more that a year! With no games freezes or shuttering at all. All video setting set on High at 3840 x 2160 display resolution and sound set to 128 bit.

Settings 8-14-21 D3PrefsPTR.txt

Congratulations this update fixed it for me!

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Observation: when I try to start a new game in PTR the visible effects are that the screen layout changes quickly to one that has the “PRT Copy” button, then after several seconds it goes to the “tip” screen with the five red progress lights across the bottom. The animation of those lights is visibly jittery, individual lights flicker as they darken but not as they brighten, the flickering does not look to me like it was designed. Anyway, I’ve stared at that screen a lot and something isn’t right there. Then netwok disconnect. Haven’t started a PTR game successfully in the last dozen or so attempts.

So today I was able to get games started several times, only a few failures, and one brief lockup in combat. Leveled a monk up to do an uliana’s build and blowing stuff up left, right and center and no significant disturbances in the force. I live at the end of a long fiber on a peninsula, internet “weather” here is quite variable. Maybe there’s a particular software state where packet loss leaves it in a corner it can’t get out of? I don’t know, it’s very strange. I no longer work at microsoft but i’m going to see if I can run the live hang diagnostice tool against this thing.

Have you guys tried this? Need symbols but … www microsoft com / en-us/download/100813

Any signs for a mid-season patch so far? Maybe I would consider slaying a few more demons then. If not, I’ll be back next season :grin:

One thing I noticed on my WW Rend Barb; when CoE is on it’s cold cycle is when I lock up every time. I will just stand in place, not spinning, but the blue whirl swirl, and CoE cold animations, and whirl sound will still continue, until I either crash, or catch up. Just during the cold section of the CoE rotation. May just be an odd coincidence, but it may also be a conflict with the sounds/animations. /Shrug

8/16 - D3 PTR Pop-up Testing Is Complete

We’d like to confirm that the PTR pop-up testing phase is complete and we will be taking down the PTR pop-up servers today. The bug/issue with freezing has been an ongoing issue, which had its challenges reproducing internally. When we launched the PTR pop-up we were greeted with open arms to help us attack this bug and we’re extremely thankful for every post shared with us. Your ongoing feedback helped us create the updates and changes and we couldn’t have done this without you.

Moving forward the team is looking at introducing the fix and aiming for a release that will be made available soon. We’ll make sure that the appropriate channels are updated for any of the players who did not read into this awesome thread - so stay tuned!

We want to extend our deepest thanks for sharing with us, helping each other, and keeping the chatter up on this thread.

Dance Party Time


Awesome, thank you! Please pass my gratitude to the devs for all the hard work! I was happy to help jump in and test. Looking forward to the patch! :heart:


Would never have dreamed of fixing something mid season. Crazy. Thanks.

thx for the hard work, any ETA on hotfix for live servers?


Woot! Thank you everyone! Hope to see the fix/update soon!


why those information didnt copy on other forums (eu,asia)?or only euro of americans neeeded to blizz?

Well, I kept EU up-to-date…

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